Do You Live in Winter Garden and Own a Pool? Look For these Warning Signs


Having a pool is fantastic. Even though Lake Apopka is just a stone’s throw away and the beach is just a few hours in the car, there’s nothing quite like having a pool in the backyard.

Your house becomes the hot spot for hosting barbeques, is perfect for a lazy Saturday afternoon, and can also serve as a place for great exercise in the morning. It’s also worth having someone with knowledge of pool repair Winter Garden. Even though you might be on the ball when it comes to maintenance, it’s always good to have a professional ready to take a look at your relaxing spot.

Below are some early warning signs that show your pool is in need of some cleaning or repair.

Algae Buildup

When it comes to water, you typically want to avoid large algae buildup. In lakes, algae buildup can be toxic in some areas and detrimental to your health. It’s the mold of your pool and needs to be cleaned immediately.

Algae tend to build up around the borders of your pool and if left unchecked, it could mean serious harm for your water quality.

Make sure you’re cleaning those edges once every two weeks to keep the algae off and make sure nothing happens to your pool.

Extremely Cold Water

There’s always that initial shock of getting in the water but it usually wears off after a few minutes. Your body becomes acclimated to the cold and you feel better. But what happens when that cold feeling doesn’t wear off?

That could be a sign that your pool heater is broken and needs repairing. It could also mean that your heater is going to need some replacing as well.

Flickering or Damaged Lights

Who’s up for a little night swimming? Your lights may become dim over time, but if you notice that they’re constantly flickering or have physical damage, then you need to look for pool repair service. With regard to pool repair, Winter Garden has many specialized experts. While you might be able to dive down and inspect the problem, such an issue is going to require a professional to come and fix it.

Constantly Fluctuating Water Levels

After a rainstorm, it’s completely natural for your pool’s water level to be a bit higher than usual. But if your water level is staying high for a long period of time, that could be an issue for your pool. It means you’re going to be losing water over the edges, driving up the energy costs of having to keep the water in.

Low water level is much more troubling, as it could end up causing damage to your skimmer or filter. When the water level is too low, your skimmer may be sucking in air and burning itself out eventually.

With constantly fluctuating water levels, it could also point to a bigger issue with your pool as a whole. Make sure you have someone come and look at it immediately.

Murky Water

No one wants to jump into brown water, and murky water could be a sign of many different things. It could mean that the chemical balance is off or your pipes are not pumping in the right amount of water.

You might try and treat the water on your own but if it’s still coming in murky, then you have a serious problem on your hands.

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