Five Products to Replace in the Home with Eco-Friendly Alternatives


When it comes to our individual carbon footprint and impact on the environment, most of our bad behavior can be found in the house. Whether it’s the car we drive, our use of energy, or the products we buy, the home is where you can find out exactly what we are doing to avoid environmental damage or to cause it. One of the areas that we overlook when it comes to environmental issues are the products we buy. Below are five products we can replace in the home with eco-friendly alternatives.

Toilet Paper

Like just about every form of paper, toilet paper is made from trees that are cut down. The phenomenon of global warming is caused by excessive carbon in the atmosphere. Trees take in carbon and expel it as oxygen that humans and other organisms can breathe. This is why you’ll see people making such a big deal about cutting down trees in forests. We need trees for clean air.

One alternative to your standard toilet paper is bulk toilet paper made from bamboo. Bamboo isn’t as harmful for the environment to cultivate. It doesn’t cost as much of a deficit to the oxygen in the atmosphere to cut down bamboo. Furthermore, bamboo is strong and grows quickly, providing the ability to plant more bamboo trees. It is a much more sustainable option compared to traditional toilet paper.

Paper Towel

The same principle applies to paper towels. How often do you tear off a piece of paper towel to clean up a spill? It’s so easy to get into the habit of using paper towels to clean things up. It has so many other uses too, but with a bamboo paper towel you will lessen your impact on the environment.

Not only is the bamboo alternative less harmful to your carbon footprint, but it is also a very strong paper that will enable you to clean up messes, wipe your face, and get things clean without destroying the planet too much. All kinds of paper products come in bamboo alternatives that are helpful to you and better for the environment.


Do you find yourself using the thermostat a lot? When you use your thermostat often, the power you use can be astronomical. Keeping your property cool during the summer and warm during the winter can cost you so much money. One way to avoid this cost and negative affect on the environment is to use the alternative of a smart thermostat.

A smart thermostat enables you to control the temperature of the house from anywhere on your phone. You can even choose to cool or warm specific rooms. With a smart thermostat, you can change the temperature on your way home so that is ideal when you arrive without wasting money to keep it at that temperature all day. This investment will pay off in the end.

The Lights

Traditional incandescent bulbs use a lot of power. They are wasteful. They don’t last very long. Instead of continuing to use these bulbs that don’t make sense, change the lights to LEDs. LED light bulbs not only save energy, but they also last way longer. Of course, LED bulbs are a bit more expensive than your traditional incandescent option but if you invest in them the investment will pay off. You will replace the bulbs less frequently and your power bills will be better. The ability to save power at home or in your business will enable you to do what’s right for you and the environment at the same time.

Rechargeable Batteries

As you may or may not know, batteries are quite bad for the environment. Their production uses lithium, which is mined from the ground. An alternative that is much better for the planet is rechargeable batteries. You can reuse this product again and again instead of having to throw them away when they die. Simply charge them up when they no longer work. Over time, this will lessen your impact on the planet and provide a more affordable way to use batteries and power items.

With so many product alternatives used to lessen your impact on the environment, there’s really no excuse. Whether it’s paper products, appliances, the lights, or the batteries you use to power electronics, there is an alternative to choose that is better for the environment and long-term cost.

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