Typing your username and password when opening a Portable Document Format file can take up some of your time — especially if you need to open it multiple times or forgot the security code of your PDF. In fact, it may consume a minute or more to figure out the characters you set as your password.

As such, if you want to skip the security measures of a locked PDF document, you can remove its passcode using the GogoPDF’s decrypting tool. This platform will let you unlock your file instantly without downloading necessary extensions and installing essential software.

To know more about how GogoPDF can help you get a password-free document in a snap, take note of its fascinating facts below.

Unlock Your PDF Documents Conveniently

When it comes to organizing, managing, and modifying your Portable Document Format files, GogoPDF is the all-in-one tool that you’re looking for. It offers various online services to help you handle your files, from compressing and splitting to converting and editing tamper-proof PDF documents.

As such, one of its popular and most used tools is its unlock PDF file feature. Here, you can conveniently remove the security code of your PDF in four simple steps. Perhaps, GogoPDF is the best platform that offers a more manageable and faster way to decrypt your protected document in just a few moments.

To start unlocking your PDF through this platform, the first thing you should do is open the GogoPDF website and tap its PDF unlock tool. After that, get the locked PDF you wish to be decrypted and upload it to the site’s provided toolbar.

When the uploading phase is done, GogoPDF will begin the password removal process — it will only take a few seconds for the entire transaction to finish. Once done, you can get the downloadable output, and you can save it on your computer or smartphone for future use.

A Free Way to Decrypt Your PDF Files

Do you know that you can unlock your PDF documents with GogoPDF for free? Yes, you have read it right! This web-based platform offers 14 days free trial subscription for all their users.

Thus, within this period of time, you can utilize its decrypting service without spending a single dime. This costless account is also an excellent opportunity to try the efficiency and simplified process of GogoPDF’s tools and services.

Suppose you can’t get enough with the limited access of its free trial offer. In that case, you can always upgrade to its premium account and take your GogoPDF experience to a higher level. As such, if you’ll avail of its pro membership plan, you can have unlimited access to all its services, from compressing and merging to encrypting and decrypting your PDF files.

Furthermore, below are just some of the benefits you’ll reap if you upgrade your account to GogoPDF’s paid features:

  • Decrypt your Portable Document Format file without a limit. GogoPDF’s pro account user is eligible to enjoy unlimited access to all its tools and services.
  • Aside from that, GogoPDF’s premium members are also eligible to upload, combine to or more files, and convert PDF documents all at once.
  • No pop-up advertisements will show up during the decryption process.
  • A pro member will have an infinite storage capacity to save as many PDF files as they want.
  • Above all, your questions, clarifications, suggestions, and feedback will be on top of GogoPDF customer care service once and the technical support team.

Unlock your PDFs Safely, Anytime and Anywhere

GogoPDF is supported by cloud storage, so there’s no need to download the necessary extension or install any related software to use its unlock PDF feature. In addition, uploading files with sensitive or personal content across their server is safe too! Since GogoPDF utilizes the latest technology as of writing, the people behind this efficient tool ensure security that can protect their users’ privacy.

In fact, this platform will automatically erase all the uploaded documents on their server after 60 minutes of the successful decryption process. With that, you can be sure that your files won’t be available and can’t be opened by other people on the internet. Furthermore, the accessibility of GogoPDF is pretty flexible too!

It can be accessed through all kinds of computer operating systems, including Android, Mac, iOs, Linux, and all Windows versions such as Windows 7,8 and 10. Thus, if you have a smartphone, laptop, tablet, and desktop, you can open GogoPDF’s official website through Google Chrome, Bing, Mozilla, Opera, and other major search engines.


Unlocking your Portable Document Format file can be pretty challenging, especially if you’re not so familiar with navigating computer software. However, online PDF tools such as the GogoPDF is an excellent partner to help you take an easier route of decrypting any locked PDF documents.