Headline: 4 Ways Technology Has Helped With Recycling


The world population has just been growing year on year which has meant that the amount of rubbish generated has also increased. You can only imagine how difficult it is becoming to dispose of the gigantic amounts of waste. On the bright side there are technological advancements that have helped make this process a bit easier.

These new forms of technology are new which means they could be difficult to use. That is why businesses should look to IT support providers for assistance. When it comes to recycling being effective is the most important thing. Landfills to make use of are becoming scarce as there is no more land to use for dumping garbage. Most businesses prioritised recycling and more eco-friendly ways of removing and managing waste. IT support company UK businesses have been a great example of this.

No matter what industry you are in, technology has been revolutionizing it. It has changed the way business is done. Let’s take a look at some of the new forms of technology that businesses can or have invested in to assist with recycling.

RFID technology

This form of technology is used to monitor waste collection and pickup efforts. The best part is that the stats received cannot be changed or calculated wrong. RFID technology has only been in use for a few years, but the results have been effective. With an RFID tag on bins and one on the garbage vehicle the recyclables can be tracked to the exact house they came from. Through this method an exact demographic can be identified of who recycles and incentives can be introduced for those who don’t.


Generating clean synthetic gas through the usage of waste is a green and Eco-friendly way of producing energy. Any gas that is produced has 50% of natural gas density, it can be used to replace fossil fuels. It can also refine oil and be reused and converted into green diesel. Gasification is not yet widely used but is definitely something more businesses should look into.  Businesses can make use of outsourced IT support services to look for guidance when using any new forms of technology.

Recycling Bin Placement

Research has found that human behaviour can affect the rate of recycling. When the research was conducted GPS readers were placed on every garbage can to provide feed back on how much recycling materials have been thrown out. This method can help businesses determine where they should place their recycling bins to ensure the most effective outcomes.

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