Ever since the Greco-Roman period, various branches of medicine and science have relied on the position of stars to decode the complexities of the human body in its entirety. Ayurveda still relies on astrological perceptions to learn the hidden keys to wellness and enhance an individual’s way of living.

One’s astrological chart determines their constitution (based on the planets’ positions) and predicts how they would react to events that can impact their wellbeing. With reliable platforms coming to the fore, people can register for online astrology consultation and thereby throw some light into their world of darkness.

How does it help?

According to astrology, the structure of the planetary system and the human body’s physiological functioning does have a connection. The relationship between these two systems is quite intricate, and medical astrology claims that the structure/form of the solar system is precisely echoed in the human body. According to medical astrology, different parts of the human body are associated with different planets and their respective signs.

With astrology consultation, the best astrologers online will analyze one’s astrological signs and suggest food and medicines that would work best. Astrology consultation on the phone will also help determine one’s weaknesses and guide them in taking preventive measures to overcome imminent health issues.

How does astrology augment the process of healing?

Let us now look at the four fundamental applications of astrology in the realm of health and wellbeing.

Predicting the disease with the help of a birth chart

The birth chart of an individual reveals a lot of things. It can say whether the person is susceptible to any kind of disease at a particular period. It can also anticipate one’s period of stress, and the astrologer would suggest necessary cautionary measures to tackle the stress. The chart will also show phases where one will lose/gain weight. The astrologer can also foresee the kind of diseases expected to appear and the organs that would be affected.

Ayurveda uses the term Khavaigunya to explain parts of the body that are susceptible to diseases. A person’s mental disposition reveals the state of his body systems, which would indicate which system would be most affected when a person gets sick. It also helps predict how the body would react as the disease progresses.


Astrologers are experts in diagnosing the disease by analyzing certain psychosomatic symptoms even before the disease is manifested through physical symptoms. Psychosomatic synthesis uses planetary positions, and through this method, the astrologer quickly traces the root of the disease and suggests possible remedies. This method is particularly effective when traditional tests cannot deliver accurate results.

Since astrology delves into the disease’s psychological root, the patient can treat the disease before it gets worse. The patient’s birth chart would reveal the intrinsic genetic, environmental, and emotive forces that can cause the disease and explain how it would manifest. When combined with astrology, researchers prove that allopathy can quickly disclose hidden information and improve the individual’s condition.

Duration of the Disease

The medical astrologer can accurately determine the disease’s duration by looking at the planetary movements that overlap with the inception of an illness. This would play a vital part in the case of severe conditions, where early discovery is anticipated to treat and get rid of underlying infections that would otherwise take a long time to heal. The lunar phases play a chief role in determining the amount of time required to cure a particular disease. The astrologer can accurately predict the time of surgery by virtue of this process.

Unique treatment procedures

Perhaps the cream of the crop in medical astrology is its capacity to make judgments based on individual disposition. As a result, the astrologer initiates treatment procedures in such a way that would be ideal for the patient.

The method varies largely from the measures adopted in allopathic treatment, which has a habit of approaching the medical condition from a uniform angle. The medical astrologer would always give his suggestions based on the patient’s mind-body balance, a unique strategy that blends traditional modes of treatment with astrological discoveries. In short, the healing process can be catalyzed with the assistance of a specialized medical astrologer.


Online astrology consultation has so many health benefits that would help the individual in the longer run. It betters one’s condition and helps one live a life free of anxiety. Astrology phone consultation is now gaining popularity worldwide, owing to its health/healing benefits.

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