How to Choose the Right High School Summer Language Immersion Program?


High school language immersion programs are the best way to master a foreign language. Not only do they liven up your summers, but, they add sparkle to your otherwise dull curriculum. High school study abroad programs can help to make every moment an opportunity to explore the nuances of a foreign language.

Language immersion programs have been known to increase the student’s academic performance, literacy development, and cognitive skills. You may wonder how you can find the right program that meets your child’s requirements.

Asking these questions can help.

Does the Program Offer Plenty of Local Experiences?

The whole idea of a language immersion program is to immerse the student into the culture and let them experience first-hand the language and the many subtle shades it has. A strong immersion program will have you knee-deep into the local culture through various activities. Some examples are buying street food, attending a cultural event, going shopping in the local market, and asking directions to the locals.

What Is the Frequency of Language Lessons in School?

Consistent and repeated language classes enhance the student’s learning. Practice makes perfect. So, make sure that the program that you sign up for has language classes daily. This, along with street learning, can quicken the pace of your language acquisition.

Language lessons come with plenty of homework. That is another way to hone your language skills. Homework in a language immersion program can vary from written work to poetry, to having a conversation with a local. These should be considered when choosing a high school study abroad program.

Does the Program Include Social Events and Downtime?

Continued work without breaks can be daunting. This applies to a language immersion program as well. So, consider the program schedule. Does it factor in social events and downtime? Your child may need time away from classes. A day or two away from the program will give them a fresh perspective of the curriculum when they return.

Will You Get Enough Support?

Questions are part of learning, and your child should be able to ask them without hesitation. If the child feels that they do not have adequate support, they may lose interest in learning. Also, since immersion programs require them to travel abroad, students need to have support for their living arrangements, food, and transportation too.

What Kind of Reviews Did the Program Get from Past Students?

Past performance helps set expectations. Check students’ and parents’ reviews about the program. Positive feedback is encouraging, but negative feedback should not stop you. Talk to the program administrator about how they have resolved the concerns that got them negative feedback.

What Is the Program Duration?

This can be important, as the more time spent in the program, the more the student learns. If the program covers the entire summer, then don’t hesitate to sign up for it.

Language lessons have taken on a new life by way of language immersion programs. Students can now experience the language in the cultural context. This first-hand learning can prove to be more valuable than classroom learning. So, find the language immersion program that suits your child’s needs and go for it.

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