How to Choose the Right Water Filter for Your Home


Clean, running water is essential for every home worldwide. Clean water is usually provided by local water treatment plans within your area. But even with water treatment plants providing clean water, are you sure that it is entirely safe to use? You would not know that your water is clean without being tested, which can be a hassle. 

Sometimes, you do not trust your water filtration system because it passes through pipes that might be rusted. Buying water jugs to use for drinking is also a hassle. This is why you need to have a water purifier like the Berkey Water Filter to clean out your drinking water. Before choosing any water purifier in stores or online, you need to know how to choose one to ensure you and your family will not have any problems in the long run. 

Know What Type of Water Filter You Need

The first thing you need to consider is what type of water filter you need. You can buy different kinds of water filters, such as faucet-mounted filters or an entire water filtration system. The only time you won’t need a water filtration system is when your area is providing clean water that you can trust. 

Since you have water to use for basic tasks like taking a bath or washing the dishes, next is to think about your drinking water. Some do not prefer drinking straight out of the faucet because they are afraid of the different contaminants in the water. Even when they have the water filtration system in their house, they still prefer not to drink because they think it cannot clean the water efficiently. 

If you specifically want clean drinking water, the best option is to choose a simple water purifier. You do not have to hire anyone to do any installation for this type of water filter. You can set it up right away, pour water inside the water filter, and it can guarantee you clean, safe drinking water all the time. 

Determine the Number of People Inside the Home

Now that you have decided to choose a water purifier, the next step is to determine how many family members you have at home. There are instances where homeowners buy a small water purifier that cannot provide drinking water for four or more people. Refilling the small water purifier every time is tedious, so you should always think about how many family members will use the water purifier every day. 

There are many water purifier sizes to choose from, so gauging the amount of water it can hold for several people can be difficult. However, there is a way for you to know how many people the water purifier can provide drinking water by knowing how many litres the purifier can hold. 

  • 2 to 4 members – The recommended size for these numbers is a 5 to 8-litre water purifier. 
  • 4 or 6 members – The recommended size for these numbers is an 8 to 10-litre water purifier.
  • Six or more members – For this number of people, the recommended water purifier size should be 10 litres and above. 

Easy Service and Maintenance

When you have been using your water purifier for months, it is ideal to have it checked and do some maintenance on it. Over time, the water purifier will catch tiny contaminants and build-up in the filters. The build-up might not be visible, but you will see tiny bits of it when you have it cleaned and maintained. 

The best time to clean out your water purifier is after every month of using it. Some experts recommend replacing the water filters every two weeks to ensure the tiny contaminants get filtered out efficiently, but this is usually done for industrial water and is rarely done in homes. Make sure to ask the store where you bought your water purifier when you need to replace the filters because each purifier has a different design. 

Added Safety Features

With the different water purifier designs, some companies have decided to add several safety features to make sure people can use it efficiently. There are even safety features that prevent people from using the water after 15 days because of water filters getting dirty. Other water purifiers like the Berkey Water Filter have a non-slip surface to prevent it from slipping on surfaces like ceramic tiles when getting water. 

Now that you have an idea about choosing the best water purifier for your home, expect your family to have clean water to drink for a long time.

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