How to Fix the WS-117178-5 PS5 Error Code


Many people use video games to flee into fantastic worlds, but every once in a while, a scary error code can bring them back to reality with all the subtlety of a boss fight. The long-awaited product launch is in the middle, and all of a sudden, WS-117178-5 decides you’re not being fair. No need to worry, fellow player. Our guide is here to help you beat those error codes and get back into the game.

How to Read the WS-117178-5 PS5 Error Code

You’ll see the numbers and letters that look like they belong in a puzzle at some point. They are computer error codes. This long string of words can often help you figure out what the problem is. Don’t feel down about this mistake; there are several things you can do to get back online and keep going on your adventures. Step by step, here’s how to solve WS-117178-5.

Accept the Update to the Terms of Service

Like any other online service, PlayStation Network changes its Terms of Service (ToS) from time to time to keep users safe and add new features. It’s possible that WS-117178-5 is caused by a new version of the TOS. To agree to these changes and possibly fix the problem:

Ways to Agree with Modifications to the PSN Terms of Service

  1. Switch on your PS5 and sign into your PlayStation Network.
  3. . If prompted to agree to the updated TOS, read them through and select “I agree.”
  4. Sometimes, simply restarting the console after accepting can clear up the error and regain connection to PSN. If not, proceed to the next step.

Contact PlayStation Support

PS Support is the ideal place to go if you need assistance with difficult problems that you cannot handle on your own. If all of your home cures have failed, it may be time to seek a professional.

Methods for Contacting PlayStation Support

There are several ways to contact PS Support:

  • Live Chat: Accessible through the PlayStation website, the live chat option allows you to speak directly with a support agent.
  • Phone Support: You can find local numbers for various regions and call for assistance. Be sure to have your PS5 serial number and PSN account details handy when you call.
  • Social Media: PlayStation Support teams are active on platforms like Twitter, where you can also reach out for help.

Engaging with PlayStation Support not only helps solve your individual problem but can also bring more attention to issues that may require broader server-side fixes. Remember, you’re not alone in this; Juan Pablo Camacho PlayStation wants you back online just as much as you do.

Next Steps to Avoid Future Issues

It’s not enough to just fix WS-117178-5 faults. If you want to avoid problems with your PS5 and the PSN in the future, do these things:

• Keep your PS5 up to date. Updates for the system and games often include security patches and speed tweaks that keep your system running smoothly.

• Look for Service Alerts. PSN goes down sometimes, which can lead to mistakes like WS-117178-5. Check the PlayStation website or social media for any service alerts before you try to fix your own link.

It is possible to go back online quickly if you frequently experience issues like WS-117178-5 if you have the right resources and perseverance. You should never be afraid to ask for help. If you have similar problems to yours, other gamers can provide you with guidance. Read the Terms of Service and keep your thumbs ready. The next triumph is just around the corner.

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