It’s party time! But will you be so enthusiastic about it as the time creeps closer? Hosting a dinner for your friends can be fun but does carry lots of responsibility. There’s so much detail to consider.

You probably have an end goal in mind – like full tummies and loads of laughter. We’ve got the magic tips that will get you there. From meal plans to gluten free beer Australia locals can have dinner parties that impress if you do the following.

Guests Should Have Allies

Before you get to all the food and decor you need to decide who is coming. Is your party meant to bring people together? Did you assign yourself the role of welcoming new people to the neighbourhood or helping singles meet other singles? That’s all well and good but don’t make it awkward by not inviting a few people that know each other already.

Having people that are already friends, along with a few new faces, will help set the stage for good conversation and people who feel comfortable enough to draw others into discussions. You don’t want a bunch of introverts staring at their plates all night, do you?

Don’t Make Guests Your Guineapigs

Another way to respect your guests is to give them the best possible chance of enjoying the food. So, if you’re not sure about how a certain recipe will turn out, don’t make it. You may love yourself a Gordon Ramsey recipe or enjoy experimenting in the kitchen but you don’t want your guests having to lie about how good the food is, right?

Therefore, rather use your tried and tested dishes that you know wows a crowd. This benefits everyone! You’ll be less stressed about how the food turns out, because you KNOW it will be good. This will also give you more energy to focus on other aspects of the party.

Have a Safe Timeline

Let’s lower those stress levels even more by following a safe timeline. Prepare what you can way in advance. This gives you more time and energy in the hours leading up to the party. Can you peel potatoes that morning or hang party décor the day before? That’s one thing more to tick off your to do list.

You don’t want to run around preparing food while your guests arrive and need you to make them feel comfortable. So, if the food type allows, have it ready and out the oven before the doorbell starts ringing.

Check Recipes

One way to manage that timeline is to make sure you don’t have to pop out to the store for a forgotten ingredient. So, your preparations should actually start a day or two before you start cooking and baking.

Read through the recipes and make sure you have all the ingredients on hand. And don’t assume! Rather pack all the items on the counter so you can be sure you didn’t miss something or think you have some stock powder left but someone used it all for last week’s dinner.

Catering for Dietary Restrictions: Provide Options

Now, what exactly should you put on that menu?

Sorry, you can’t just share your favourite dishes. You do need to consider other people’s likes and dislikes. Of course, you can’t make each person a customised meal, so the trick is to have a variety of dishes so everyone at least has the opportunity to pick from different options.

This is not about catering to picky eaters. It’s to show respect to guests who need to follow strict diets. Whether for health reasons or lifestyle choices—such as being vegan—you do need to be considerate, or you’ll have some very upset guests. Imagine going to a party and not being able to eat anything!

You can ask guests to share their food allergies and dietary preferences with you, or simply cater for a wide variety of predilections. Keep this in mind for everything from appetisers to buying alcohol free wine or gluten free beer so there are safe alternatives for everyone.

Small Details Go a Long Way

Browsing online will give you a lot of ideas for parties, so you may feel overwhelmed at all you feel you need to do. Our advice: pick a few areas to focus on and ignore the rest, or you’ll never get it done. For example, a big win comes from simply purchasing stylish linen napkins, rather than the usual paper ones.

So, find a few things to splurge on and keep your other ideas for next time. This will help you manage your budget too.

Set the Tone

Now, during the actual party, remember that you as the host does carry the responsibility of the ‘vibe’. That’s a lot to take on! But actually, it’s just about making sure you have fun and keep on smiling, so the rest can follow your example. And this is why it’s so important to manage your time and prevent unnecessary stress.


See? Not so difficult. Some of it makes logical sense if you only remember to make it part of your planning. Then you’ll never have a disaster because of a ruined dish or uncomfortable guests again.