How to Protect Your Online Casino Site


Protecting your online casino from cybercriminals is an absolute necessity. With the volume of sensitive financial and customer data stored on your website, your casino will be a major target for hackers. Some cyber thieves may also want to hack into your system to manipulate games and increase their chances of winning.

That’s why we have highlighted some of the most critical safety solutions and practical steps for online gambling sites to safeguard their business.

1. Perform Regular Security Audits

A cybersecurity audit will allow an expert to assess your site to find vulnerabilities and risks of cyber threats. It also helps for you to be aware of the latest tactics of cybercriminals and how to prevent them from hacking into your casino. Your security audit report should show you the strengths and weaknesses of your system. It should cover both issues with hardware and software and also provide recommendations to prevent data breaches and distributed denial of service attacks (DDoS).

2. Use Effective Application Firewalls

A firewall offers access control and it can be a software tool or a physical hardware device. A website firewall filters incoming and outgoing messages through your casino’s servers or cloud-based accounts and databases.

When a firewall is properly configured, it can prevent malicious network requests and injection attacks, where a hacker tries to manipulate your casino games by adding malicious code to website requests.

Firewalls also help to protect casinos from DDoS attacks. Hackers, who cannot inject malicious code to earn illegal wins, may try to paralyze the casino and prevent access to the website. This is usually done through a DDoS attack. Different robot programs keep bombarding the website server with requests until the huge network traffic causes the website to shut down. If this type of request is successful it can lead to server downtimes that can cost thousands or more.

In 2016, a DDoS attack on the William Hill betting website cost the company a loss of over $4 million. The attack took place while the UEFA Champions League match between Manchester City and Barcelona was on. Many furious fans had to switch to another online betting site while William Hill officials were left to solve the problems caused by the unexpected DDoS attack.

3. Set up Geo-Blocking

Modern firewalls can also perform geo-blocking. They filter network traffic based on IP addresses and can prevent illegitimate users from gaining access to your casino. For example, SkyCity Online Casino uses geo-blocking to provide access to those who are legitimately allowed to gamble on their site, while protecting their website and copyrighted content. Using firewalls also helps you to meet regulatory requirements and reduce the possibility of allowing rogue users who are trying to hack into your website from an unauthorized location.

4. Encrypt Data

Data encryption will help to protect the huge volume of personal, financial, and other sensitive data captured, stored, or transferred every hour by online casinos. Data encryption involves the scrambling, rearrangement or encoding of data so it can’t be interpreted by hackers or malicious software. For the data to be useable, it has to be decrypted using the right key.

Hackers usually lurk around looking for poorly protected data transfers so they can swoop on the data and trade with it in on the dark web. This is why your casino must use effective data encryption to prevent malicious code and bots from reading data transferred during transactions.

5. Use HTTPS for Secure Data Transfer

Protecting sensitive data with secure hypertext protocol (HTTPS) is a must. HTTPS safeguards the integrity of your website. It helps to prevent phishing attacks, where hackers display a rogue website when users type in your web address in their browser. Without using HTTPS, hackers can deceive new users and collect their money and refuse to pay when they win, thereby destroying the reputation of your online casino.

HTTPS protects the integrity of your site by preventing hackers from tracking the communications between your website and your customers’ browsers. Using ordinary “HTTP” can trick users to give up sensitive information, install malware or place their ads on your site when it loads in the browser.

6. Restrict Accounts

All user accounts in your casino must have restrictions to prevent fraud. When a user request for a new account, set a limit on the amount of money the user can deposit or withdraw. This helps players to gamble responsibly and it prevents fraudsters from using your casino for money laundering.

Restricting withdrawal amounts and the number of times a user can withdraw can reduce your losses if a hacker gains access to a user’s details and tries to withdraw the funds in the account. Choose a deposit or withdrawal limit that meets the needs of your casino and your target customers. You should also be prepared to modify these limits if you believe it will reduce the likelihood of fraud.

7. Set up an Effective Backup System

While it is extremely important for you to take as many preventive measures as possible to secure your online casino, you should be prepared for unforeseen data breaches. Backing up your website frequently with a cloud service that is well-protected can help you to recover quickly when you are hit by a malicious attack. Incremental backups and complete backups should be made so you can get your website back up to speed should there be a breach.

Running a successful online casino requires a huge investment and any large investment requires appropriate safeguards. You need to protect it from intruders, fraudsters, or smart gamblers who may want to ‘steal’ sensitive information or manipulate the system for illegitimate wins. Applying the tips and ideas offered above will go a long way in helping you run a successful business while preserving the privacy of your players and their winnings.

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