How to stay protected from cybersecurity threats while using bitcoins?


Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency, and its popularity is increasing at an incredible pace. Bitcoin is a decentralized currency based on blockchain technology. It has several such features that make it way better for fiat currencies, but still, people are hesitant to use them. The primary reason behind it is cybersecurity. Bitcoin is highly prone to cyberattacks such as hacking, phishing, etc. You must be aware of these risks while trading bitcoins on the

You need to take all the precautions to stay protected from these threats; otherwise, you may lose all your bitcoins. There are several ways in which you can protect bitcoins from these cyber threats, but some of the most effective ones are listed below.

Prefer using cold wallets

Most of the bitcoin cyberattacks target the bitcoin wallet as it is where all the bitcoins are stored. So, if you want to increase your bitcoin wallet’s security, you need to learn about it properly. A bitcoin wallet is a digital locker in which you store bitcoins, and there are mainly two types of bitcoin wallets; hot wallets and cold wallets. Hot wallets are online wallets that can only be used when they are connected to the Internet. Hot wallets are highly prone to cyberattacks, so they are not a good option when it comes to storing bitcoins and private keys.

If you want to enhance the cybersecurity of your wallet, you must use cold bitcoin wallets. Cold wallets are offline wallets as they are encrypted and ensure that no hacker can break into them and steal your bitcoins or the private keys. Hot wallets are easy targets for cybercriminals, but cold wallets are highly secure and ensure that all your holdings are safe from all types of cyberthreats.

Secure internet connections

Bitcoin is a digital currency, and it is highly dependent on the Internet. Hackers take advantage of this thing, use the Internet to hack bitcoin wallets, and steal bitcoins. Whenever you are making a bitcoin transaction, you must ensure that you are using a secure internet connection. There are two types of networks when it comes to Wi-Fi networks: public network and private network. If you want to keep your bitcoins safe, you should always use a private network as it is safer.

If you want an additional layer of security while using bitcoins, you can use VPN as it will change your location and IP address, which will make it impossible for hackers to track your transaction or hack into your bitcoin wallet.Moreover, you should avoid clicking on any suspicious link as it can make any malware enter your computer and destroy it and steal valuable information.

Update the device

The device you are using for making bitcoin transactions plays an important role when it comes to cybersecurity. You must ensure that the device software is up to date and you have an efficient antivirus installed in it. It will protect your device from all types of cyberattacks and will not allow hackers to commit cybercrimes and steal your bitcoins.

Usually, hackers find a weakness of the device and take advantage of it steal private keys and bitcoins. But if you have a good antivirus and firewall installed on your device, they won’t be able to target its vulnerability and damage your holdings.

Keep updating your passwords

Keeping the same password for a long time makes it easier for hackers to crack it and enter your bitcoin wallet. It is one of the most common mistakes that weaken the cybersecurity of your wallet. It is highly important to have a strong password, but along with that, you must change the password regularly. The more complex password you will choose, the harder it will be for the cybercriminals to guess it. However, if you keep the same password for a long time, even a strong password will become weak.

So, the best practice is to keep changing the password within regular intervals. If you have more than one bitcoin wallets, keep different passwords for each one of them. Using the same passwords for all wallets is a foolish thing to do. Moreover, if you want an added layer of security, you can also turn on the 2FA; two-factor authentication so that no one other than you can gain access to your bitcoins.

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