How to Take Care of Your Dog


Being a good dog owner is more than just giving it food and taking them to a vet when they are injured or sick. It involves providing your canine friend with everything they need to have a happy and healthy life. It is a good idea to know the right way to take good care of your dog because it will help you provide them with the best possible care. Some guess things and hope everything works out, but this is never a good approach. You should take time to learn as much as possible about taking good care of your dog. Below are some tips that will go a long way.


This is one of the most important things because it significantly impacts the dog’s health. You need to ensure your dog is getting enough exercise if you want to keep it healthy. You need to look for time to exercise your dog. You should aim for at least twice a day. If you don’t have the time, find a way to exercise your dog.

Providing extra water

When you give your dog dried food, you need to provide extra water. The goal is to make things comfortable and easy for your dog.

Annual vet check-up and blood tests

Annual wellness exams are essential, and you should never neglect them. This is even more important as the dog ages. Even if your dog’s core vaccines are still good for three years, you still need to go for annual check-ups. These check-ups should also include blood work.

Annual check-ups are important because the vet can detect diseases. The earlier a disease is detected, the better because treatment can start early. This increases the chance of a better outcome. Always make sure you remember to take your take for check-ups and even more frequently for seniors and puppies.

Take your dog for an outing

It will be a great idea to take your dog on a vacation where similar to humans; even they will be refreshed—finding a pet-friendly hotel has become very easy and even will enjoy every bit of the outing. Many hotels are pet-friendly and have a good hospitality to treat your pets.

Don’t put your dog in the back of your truck

You should not put your dog in the back of the truck, whether tethered or not. This is because it is dangerous no matter what. No one in their right mind would put their child there; why should you do it for your dog?

If you stop short or swerve, the dog will be catapulted and end up in traffic, which can result in an accident that can cause death. If you have the dog tethered, she will be hanging from the truck. Either way, it is illegal in many states. You should be careful when it comes to your dogs.

Training manners

Some people use crates instead of training manners. Crates can be good when training the dog, but some people misuse them. You should not do this because it is a disservice to your dog. Some people do it because they have company over or doing chores and don’t want a dog running around. You need to consider a routine training and exercise program because it will go a long way.

Your hands should be for praise and gentle touch

You should never hit a dog because you will make her afraid, and it ends breaking the trust you have built. When a dog is fearful, it can easily bite any time they feel threatened. If you keep using your hand to punish your dog, it will see any hand as a threat because you use it for punishment. When someone tries to reach out to your dog using their hands, the dog can bite.

You should work more on teaching your dog what you want instead of punishment. Your hands should be an extension of your heart, and your dog is going to melt any time you reach out.

Give them toys

Have you stopped giving your dog toys because they have destroyed every toy you have ever gotten them? Dogs usually go through life through their mouths and noses. Different dogs have different chewing habits. Dogs need to chew.

It is never a good idea to stop giving them toys. Dogs become destructive when you are not providing them with an interactive routine of physical and mental stimulation. When you leave them on their own, this creates boredom, which leads to unwanted behaviors like destructive chewing.

If your dog is a chewer, get it things such as puzzle toys with hidden treats, which will provide hours of mental stimulation. Another healthy alternative is marrow bones. Make sure they have been thoroughly cleaned.

Supervise playdates

Playdates are important for your puppy, but you need to be there to ensure it is fair and it doesn’t last too long. A pup is becoming overtired results in negative experiences towards dogs. One mistake people make is dropping off their puppy at someone’s place, thinking they will supervise the same way they do. Pay attention, so your puppy grows up loving other dogs instead of becoming aggressive.

Regular grooming

Cleanliness and grooming are those things every dog owner needs to keep in mind. The coats need to be always clean. Health also plays a significant role when it comes to the dog’s coat. It is a good idea to take your pet to the groomers and learn the basic hygiene routines.

The above tips will help you take care of your dog and keep it happy.

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