If You Receive a Debt Collector Call From (866) 914-5806, It’s a Robocall Sc


Robocalls are a common occurrence for many Americans. Some people might even be used to answering their phones and giving out a list of personal details like phone number, address, or social security number. However, anyone who receives a call from 8669145806 should immediately hang up the phone. The caller is likely trying to scam you by pretending to be from a debt collector agency.

What is a Robocall?

Debt collectors are illegal in most cases and can result in penalties, including fines and jail time. Robocalls are calls made using an automated telephone system to contact people without their consent. These calls often use a prerecorded message that is recorded by a company or individual without the person’s knowledge or permission. The purpose of robocalls is to get people to answer the phone and potentially make a purchase or sign up for services. They can be intrusive and annoying, and many people have had negative experiences with them. If you receive a debt collector call from () -, it’s likely a robocall.

Why is (866) 914-5806 listed as a Debt Collector Robocall on your phone?

If you’re one of the unlucky people who’s gotten a robocall from (866) 914-5806, you may be wondering why this number is listed as a debt collector. The answer is simple: this is not a real debt collector and they are not trying to help you.

This number is actually owned by a third party and they are using it to scam people out of money. They will tell you that you owe money to someone and that they need your payment immediately. They may even threaten legal action if you don’t pay them right away.

Don’t fall for this scam – just ignore the call and move on. There are plenty of legitimate debt collectors out there who are looking to help people solve their financial problems in a responsible way.

How to get rid of the Robocall – Nomorobo

Nomorobo is a service that can help remove the debt collector call from your phone. Once you sign up, Nomorobo will send a robot caller to the debt collector, telling them that you do not owe the debt and to stop calling. There is no cost to use Nomorobo, and it is available in most countries.

To use Nomorobo, first sign up for an account. Then, add your phone number to the account. Next, select the calls that you want Nomorobo to remove from your phone. Finally, click “Start” to activate the service.

Once Nomorobo is activated, the robot caller will call the debt collector on your behalf and tell them that you do not owe the debt. The debt collector may or may not be able to continue calling based on this response. If they do continue calling, Nomorobo will continue to answer and tell them that you do not owe the debt. This process can be repeated as needed until the debt collector stops calling or you choose to stop using Nomorobo.

What do I have to do to avoid this type of robocall in the future?

To avoid receiving debt collector calls in the future, be sure to keep your contact information updated on your credit report, and don’t give out personal information such as your Social Security number. If you receive a debt collector call from () -, contact the phone company or the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) immediately. The CFPB has tools to help you dispute or get rid of debt collector calls.


If you receive a debt collector call from (866) 914-5806, it’s likely that the person on the other end of the line is not actually representing a debt collector. In fact, this number is typically used to generate telemarketing calls, and because it’s illegal to make unsolicited phone calls, those who receive these calls can often be frustrated and even angry. If you’re receiving such a call, do not answer it or give any personal information; instead, report it to your local authorities.

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