Jill Zarin’s Net Worth: A Look at The Real Housewives Star’s Wealth


If you’re a fan of The Real Housewives franchise, then you’ve probably heard of Jill Zarin – the sassy and stylish cast member who’s been making waves in the world of reality TV for years. But have you ever wondered just how much she’s worth? From her successful business ventures to her lavish lifestyle, there’s no denying that Jill is one wealthy lady. So if you’re ready to take a closer look at this RHONY star’s net worth, then keep reading – because we’ve got all the juicy details right here!

Introduction to Jill Zarin

Jill Zarin is best known for her role on The Real Housewives of New York City, but what is her net worth?

A former publicist and event planner, Jill Zarin has an estimated net worth of $30 million. She started appearing on The Real Housewives of New York City in 2008, and was one of the show’s original cast members. She appeared on the show for four seasons, before leaving in 2011.

Since leaving The Real Housewives of New York City, Jill Zarin has appeared on a number of other television shows, including Bethenny Frankel’s talk show Bethenny, and Rachael Ray. She has also written a book, Secrets of a Jewish Mother (co-written with her mother Gloria), and launched her own line of bedding and home products.

Jill Zarin’s Career and Net Worth

Jill Zarin’s career began in fashion. She worked as a publicist and then as an event planner. In 2004, she was cast on the first season of The Real Housewives of New York City. She remained a full-time cast member for four seasons and appeared as a guest in the fifth and sixth seasons. In 2011, she starred in her own Bravo reality series, Jill & Bobby Zarin: All About Life. The show followed Jill and her husband Bobby as they navigated his cancer diagnosis.

Jill has also written two books: Secrets of a Jewish Mother (2009) and I’ll Never Forget What’s’ Her Name (2012).

As for Jill’s net worth, Celebrity Net Worth estimates it to be $25 million. This includes her earnings from The Real Housewives of New York City, as well as her business ventures.

Real Estate Holdings of Jill Zarin

Jill Zarin is best known for her role on The Real Housewives of New York City, but she also has a sizable real estate portfolio. Jill and her husband Bobby own several properties in the New York City area, including their primary residence, a penthouse apartment on the Upper East Side.

In addition to their NYC apartment, the Zarins also own a home in the Hamptons, which they have listed for sale several times over the years. Most recently, they were asking $8.5 million for the property. They’ve also owned a condo in Florida and an apartment in Los Angeles at one point.

It’s safe to say that real estate has played a big role in Jill Zarin’s net worth. With several high-end properties to her name, it’s no wonder she’s worth an estimated $25 million!

Other Business Ventures

In addition to her work on The Real Housewives of New York, Jill Zarin has also dabbled in other business ventures. She has released her own line of bedding, called Jill Zarin Home, and has a jewelry line called Skweez Couture. She also has a blog, called Jill’s Jewels, where she posts about fashion and beauty.

Jill’s latest venture is a skin care line called Secrets of My Youth. The line includes anti-aging creams, serums, and masks. Jill developed the line with plastic surgeon Dr. Harold Lancer. The products are available for purchase on the Secrets of My Youth website.


Jill Zarin is best known for her role on The Real Housewives of New York City, but the reality star has also made a name for herself as a philanthropist.

Zarin founded the Jill Zarin Hands-In Fund in 2011, which provides funding for research and education about sarcoma, a type of cancer that affects the connective tissues. The fund also supports patient care and assistance programs.

In addition to her work with the Hands-In Fund, Zarin is also involved with the American Cancer Society, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, and Dress for Success. She has also served as a national spokesperson for Lee National Denim Day, which raises money for breast cancer research and education.

Through her work with these organizations, Zarin has helped to raise millions of dollars for cancer research and assistance programs. She is truly an inspiration to others!


Jill Zarin has certainly come a long way since her days as one of the stars of The Real Housewives of New York. From starting her own line of jewelry to writing books and launching a lifestyle brand, it is clear that her entrepreneurial spirit and hard work have paid off. Today, Jill continues to be an inspiration to many with an estimated net worth of $30 million dollars. Her story proves that if you put in the effort and persevere, anything is possible!

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