Level Up Your Outreach Marketing Game: 8 Ways to Find Someone’s Email Address


You’re conducting email outreach and often finding difficulties in getting your blogger prospect’s email address. Well, you’re not alone.

Bloggers and other influencers hide their contact information on purpose. Therefore, when they get an email pitch, they know that the outreach specialist put some effort into getting their email addresses.

If your outreach marketing effort has been stuck because you cannot find your prospect’s email address, we got you. In this post, let us explain the eight ways to find someone’s email address.

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Without further ado, let’s look at the first tip.

1. Use an Email Lookup Tool

Utilizing an email lookup tool is among the fastest ways to find someone’s email address. With the software, you only need to enter the individual’s or company’s name. Then, it’ll explore its entire library to find the best matches.

Unfortunately, your desired result won’t always come up successfully after a search attempt. Also, some tools ask you to pay for premium results or limit the number of searches you get for some period of time.

On the bright side, there are tons of email lookup tools you can use. Some of the best ones are Hunter.io, Voila Norbert, and Find That Email. Therefore, you can always jump from one tool to another and make sure you get the email you’re looking for.

2. Check WhoIs Record

When a domain is registered, the registrant should fill in their contact information to complete the registration. The details, which include name, address, phone number, and email address, are referred to as the WhoIs Data.

That said, if you want to look for the email address from someone who runs a website, checking the WhoIs record is definitely an option.

Find the information by typing in the domain name to WhoIs’s search bar and hit the search button. When it’s done inspecting, the tool will show you the domain’s information, from its registrar down to its registrant – the person who did the deed.

However, some registrars switch on the WhoIs protection to keep the domain owner’s sensitive information away from the public. Therefore, while checking the WhoIs record is a great alternative to find one’s email address, you cannot always rely on it.

3. Use Google

This goes without saying, but Google is a search engine. Therefore, you can try your luck there and see if the tool can help you find the email address you’re looking for.

One of the best tricks is to input the person’s name and the company he works for onto the search bar. Suppose you’re looking for an organization’s email address. In that case, change the person’s name to “contact us” or “about us,” as these pages often include their contact information.

4. Inspect the Website

Suppose you happen to know if your prospect has a website. In that case, don’t waste your time and go to it. Check all the way down to its footer and see if it contains the Contact Us or About Us page.

Website designers also use phrases like Meet the Team, Who We Are, and Get in Touch to squeeze in their contact information.

Further, suppose the website offers guest post opportunities. In that case, you can expect to find something like Write for Us, Contribute to, and Guest Post Guidelines. Thus if you stumble upon one of those expressions, don’t pass on them.

5. Use Facebook

When it comes to social media, users also need to complete their contact information to activate the account. With the 2.9 billion monthly active users, Facebook can be your source of information.

Find the email address by heading over the About menu on your prospect’s profile. Aside from the email address, the page often contains information about the person’s phone number, website, and other social media. Thus, you can also take advantage of it.

Also, don’t hesitate to use Facebook itself for mass messaging outreach. This could be done very easily with the help of services such as Cucomm. Lots of leads can be gathered from FB since it’s the largest people database.

6. Use Twitter

Besides Facebook, Twitter is among the most popular social media platforms. As of 2020’s fourth quarter, Twitter has reached around 192 million daily active users. Therefore, there’s a high chance that your prospect also has an account.

Suppose they do have a Twitter account. In that case, you should check their bio first thing first. Lots of people will include their email addresses on it. But, they hide their email addresses from bots by changing the “@” and “.” to “at” and “dot.” Thus, look closely.

If you don’t find it on your prospect’s bio, explore his old tweets to see if he’s ever tweeted his email. For this, utilize Twitter Advanced Search. For this, start with inputting any keywords on the Twitter search bar. Then, you’ll be able to see the Advanced search option on the right panel.

On the search form, fill in the Words section with keywords. We suppose you want to find an email address. Thus, email can be your keyword. Additionally, don’t forget the “at” and “dot.”

Next, fill in the username on the Accounts section to specify the search query. When you hit the Search button, Twitter will check if there’s any information related to the keywords.

7. Export LinkedIn Connections

Exporting your LinkedIn connections will get you a spreadsheet containing all your connections’ email addresses. Therefore, if you’re connected with the person, you can try this method. Here’s a step-by-step guide for how to do it:

  • Locate the Settings & Privacy section by clicking on your profile. Click when found.
  • Go to the Privacy menu and select Getting a copy of your data.
  • In the Download your data panel, tick the Connection box.
  • Finally, hit the Request archive button, and you’ll get your spreadsheet in a few minutes.

However, with social media, you can always ask the person directly. Therefore, don’t hesitate to reach them on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or any other platforms if you happen to stumble upon one.

8. Subscribe to the Prospect’s Email List

Subscribing to your prospect’s email list can be a great, easy option. This is because there’s a high chance that the newsletters are sent from your prospect’s personal email address.

Suppose they don’t come from their personal email address. In that case, responding to the email can be an excellent way to build a great relationship with your prospect. That way, they’ll be able to trust you with their personal email address.


Finding someone’s email address can be challenging as it’s considered among the most private data someone can have on the internet. Throughout this article, you’ve learned the eight simple methods for email address finding. Thus, we hope you can find one that’s convenient for you. Good luck with your lookup!

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