Mistakes to Avoid with Your eCommerce Site


Are you ready to win the extremely competitive eCommerce industry? If so, you have to avoid some of the most common mistakes that are made. By knowing what these are, you will have the best chance of success in this industry.

Mistake: Trying to Reinvent the Wheel

There are two common traps that many eCommerce brands seem to fall into. One is trying to put something derivative together. The other is trying to create a unique solution for everything. You should not waste your time or resources trying to develop custom solutions to issues you are facing unless the customization provides a clear and direct impact on your branding and the ability you have to provide a USP – unique selling proposition.

Use an existing eCommerce platform like the site www.smokingthings.com has. This is going to be more effective than trying to create something new that is all your own. The only time you should do this is if the platform is the entire selling point for your brand.

Mistake: Creating an Untrustworthy Design

According to one study, it was discovered that a site’s design will impact if someone finds it to be trustworthy. In fact, this factor is more important than the content you have posted on the site. This is another one of those areas you should never try to handle on your own – unless, of course, you are a trained and experienced website designer.

A better option is to use a tested and trusted eCommerce platform that has a modern and up-to-date theme. This is a good option if the design isn’t an important factor for your brand. If the design is a central aspect of your brand, then hire someone who knows what they are doing and make sure you don’t cut corners.

Mistake: Using Redundant Product Descriptions

From an SEO standpoint, one of the most common issues that occur with new eCommerce sites is product descriptions that are redundant. If you have descriptions that are nothing more than what has been posted by the product manufacturer, then you probably won’t receive much traffic on your product pages.

As you can see, there are several mistakes that may be made when it comes to your eCommerce site. Be sure to keep these mistakes in mind so that you can avoid them on your own site. Being informed and knowing what you should avoid are the best ways to get the traffic and success that you really want.

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