Pillar Content Strategy – Is It Beneficial to a Business?


Every business is on the lookout for that creative streak to the regular content marketing methods that will not just enhance their Google rankings but also strengthen their website structure and improve the user experience. All companies believe in this – “Content is king.” However, this Pillar Content Strategy belief has to match up the speed at which digital marketing is being bombarded with innovation.

This begins with creating and developing a pillar content strategy, which is a methodical yet creative approach.

Pillar Content – What is it?

A pillar page is an essential page having content which consists of a lot of core topics related to the business.

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In short, it is the mother of content pages. Irrespective of whether the business wishes to focus on a core product or service, this page covers every single thing, right from tiny details to general inquiries. This page needs to concentrate on topics that are vast and expansive. 

The two main kinds of pillar content that can be produced are:

(i) Resource Pillar Page

This acts as a tool for users and is loaded with internal as well as external links and also has the latest relevant information on the topic.

(ii) 10X Content Pillar Page

The 10X pillar content is one web page that totally deconstructs every area of the core topic of the business. In short, it is 10 times better in contrast to any other resource which is covering the core topic. It answers all the questions asked by the audience and offers optimal UI as well as UX in every device. The approach used towards topics is unique and different. 

What exactly is a Topic Cluster?

Topic clusters are extra materials that have been developed to sustain the pillar page of the business. It offers the possibility to elaborate on what has been highlighted on the pillar page, thereby enabling the business allowing to address a few aspects quite thoroughly. Though the pillar page is the hub of data, the topic clusters are the ones that attract users. There has been an increase in the value of content that is topic-based and this is the reason why topic clusters are favoured by most of the search engines. Supporting material should not be restricted or limited to written content. A business has to consider what exactly attracts its audience, based on which the information can be provided in any of the following ways that are most appealing:

  • Blog post
  • EBook
  • Video
  • Guidebook
  • Infographic
  • Quiz

All you need to remember is that these topic clusters must have a purpose to support the pillar page of the business.

How to Link Pillar Content to Topic Cluster?

The topic clusters of the business have to be backlinked to the business’ pillar page, thereby strengthening the value for the user as well as the search engines. It might appear to be simple, however, it is quite a crucial aspect that makes the pillar content strategy effective. You can link the supporting material internally with the core pillar and this will lead to a united flow of content and avoid any chaos.

Is the content pillar strategy beneficial to a business’ marketing efforts?

Yes, pillar content strategy can be beneficial in the following ways:

 1.Improves the site structure as well as Internal Linking 

Now, you might not believe it or even might not be aware of it, but the website of your business could be disorganized. The content structure must be organized with content pillars. Every pillar page will link internally to the topic clusters and there will be backlinking as well. This will strengthen the website’s core as well as structure.

2. Boost the Overall Ranking in Google

Google, as well as other search engines, are evolving constantly. However, they function keeping the user in mind at all times.  This is something we must inculcate as well. You must prove to the various search engines that your business webpage is valuable and this will help improve the overall rankings effectively. 

3. Enhance the User Experience

The content pillar strategy used will not just offer enhanced crawlability for various search engines, but will also move towards developing a better and greater user experience. It makes the webpage user-friendly and in turn, generates revenue.

 How to execute the Content Pillar Strategy?

1. Evaluate the Content that exists

Once the topic of focus has been identified and zeroed in, you have to check all the content that already exists. You do not always have to start from scratch.

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You need to access the Google Analytics account of the business to check what pages are being viewed the most by the audience and also try understanding what deters them from visiting certain pages. In case the existing content offers a lot of required information to a user, you can consider it. You can then audit your blog, make a note of those potential posts that can be redirected as well as used for your next topic clusters.

2. Make use of Social Media

Content is valuable only if it is available to one and all. Even though you have focused on SEO and other strategies, make sure to be active on social media and make use of this platform. 

3. Be proactive

A business has to integrate social media marketing into its pillar content strategy as this will increase the chances of its content being viewed via boosted posts or even organic interactions.

4. Evaluate your Content Strategy’s success

Once all is done, make sure you evaluate the success of your strategy and content pillars. You can compare it with the initial goals. 


For a webpage to be successful, content is not the only thing that matters. There has to be a goal and purpose as well. You must spend some time to create the pillars, and fit in a strategy that meets the goals of the business. This ensures your business is built on a strong foundation and constantly sees growth in terms of business, brand, reach, and revenue. You can also checkout Masterclass courses review in detailed pros and cons if you want to learn from industry veterans. 

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