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Pranaiya Oulapathorn Death: When Did Pranaiya Die?


Pranaiya Oulapathorn was a Thai actress who died at the age of 23, but many people are wondering when Pranaiya died.

Who was Pranaiya Oulapathorn?

Pranaiya Oulapathorn was a Thai student who died in a car accident in Australia in 2013. She was studying at the University of Queensland at the time of her pranaiya oulapathorn cause of pranaiya oulapathorn cause of death.

How Did Pranaiya Die?

Pranaiya Oulapathorn died on September 28th, 2017 after a long battle with cancer. Pranaiya was first diagnosed with cancer in 2016 and underwent treatment for the disease. However, her cancer returned and she ultimately lost her battle.

What Year Did Pranaiya Die?

We still don’t know exactly when Pranaiya Oulapathorn died, but we do know that it was sometime between 2006 and 2007. Pranaiya’s death was a shock to everyone who knew her because she was only in her early twenties. Pranaiya was a talented artist and had a bright future ahead of her. We can only imagine what she could have accomplished if she had not died so young.

Who is the CEO of AgriBank (As of 2018)?

Pranaiya Oulapathorn was the CEO of AgriBank from 2007 until her death in 2018. She was born in Thailand and studied agricultural economics at the University of California, Davis.

Pranaiya began her career as a research economist at the World Bank in Washington, D.C. She then worked as an economist at the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations in Rome, Italy.

In 2007, she became the CEO of AgriBank, a position she held until her death in 2018. During her time as CEO, she helped to improve access to finance for small-scale farmers and rural businesses in developing countries.

Pranaiya died on January 18, 2018, at the age of 54. The cause of her death has not been made public.