Review of the BBdoll Silicone Sex Doll Head


Sex dolls are artificial humans that can provide you with all of the pleasures and fantasies that your partners can provide in your bedroom. They appear to be so lifelike and beautiful that you forget they arenot actual people. You will be fascinated by their attractiveness, and some people have even married them because of it. Sex dolls can be used in place of a love partner or even a wife. The sexual functions of sex dolls are noteworthy, but this does not imply that they are utilized solely for sexual purposes. Their owners typically refer to them as love dolls or just dolls because they can be used as artificial love partners, social companions, or photo models.

There are various benefits to utilizing a sex doll, including stress reduction, fantasy fulfilment, avoiding adultery and STDs, no particular attention required, no fear of betrayal, and, finally, sex dolls are far more flexible than real women. This flexibility allows you to try different sex positions with them and perform sexual stunts without any worries. Sex dolls are also remarkable as the heads can be replaced to suit their owner’s desire.

People acquire sex doll heads for a variety of reasons,(more about sexdoll head you can visit

  • Have a different sex doll each day of the week just by changing out her head! A new head completely changes the personality of your love doll with a new face, eye color and hairstyle. Buying extra sex doll heads is a very affordable way to have an entire harem of sex dolls.
  • Many sex doll lovershave more than one sex doll, and they purchase more heads to get more sex doll looks as the heads can match any bodies, while new sex doll lovers buy sex doll heads to test the quality first before buying a whole sex doll.
  • Some people purchase sex doll heads solely for the love of it. Some people are completely enamored with all things beautiful, including make-up. They go out and buy a silicone head to dress up and photograph.
  • Rather than purchasing multiple dolls to satisfy your need, purchasing one body with multiple heads is a more cost-effective option.

In general, there are two types of sex doll heads, each of which comes in a variety of colors, skin types, hairstyles, and other features. These are Silicone and TPE sex doll

When compared to TPE, silicone sex doll heads are those love dolls that use high-quality silicone to make them seem and feel more lifelike and lovely. Silicone is a soft, long-lasting, and non-degradable material. Silicone sex doll heads are more water and stain resistant than any other sort of sex doll. These doll heads are incredibly smooth and realistic. BBdoll can make your dark desires come true by customizing a silicone doll head of your choice.

TPE sex dolls are composed of thermoplastic rubber, which is a type of copolymer made of thermoplastic and elastomeric components. TPE also contains chemically reactive elements, rendering it less recommendedbecause of medical implications even though it is cheaper.

Silicone sex dolls are the centerpiece of the BBdoll brand. BBdoll spends three years designing and testing their dolls before releasing them into the market. “Before we put our product on the market, we need to make sure everything is perfect,” explains BBdoll’s manager.

Let’s have a review of their sex doll head now.

  • It is made of 100% Premium Silicone, a food-grade silicone that is the same as a baby’s breast and a kitchen spoon, so it’s safe to kiss. In comparison to TPE, silicone is both safe and non-harmful.
  • The BBdoll silicone head has a better feel; it’s more realistic and gorgeous, and it doesnot require any oil.
  • The hair is implanted in the head in the same way that ours is. In comparison to TPE doll heads, there is no wig slid, destroying the pleasant mood.
  • The brow, like that of a person, is likewise implanted. It isn’t a sketch nor drawing.
  • The face of the BBdoll silicone sex doll head features four layers of make-up, making it appear more natural, gorgeous, and enticing.
  • The head connection component is standard since it is compatible with the majority of sex doll bodies.

BBdoll provides 30+ Silicone Sex Doll Heads for you to choose from, with a variety of faces (Asian or European), hair types (blonde, short, long, etc.) and colors(Natural, brown or caramel).

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