Ten Gorgeous Wedding Dresses for Women


In India, a wedding is the most important affair. Regardless of the type of wedding, every woman loves putting in an extra effort to bring out her most gorgeous self! The women’s dresses online are inspiring and refreshing. Be it a themed wedding at a beautiful seashore or a quiet, traditional wedding, or a destination wedding set in magical backdrops, pulling off a stunning wedding look is crucial. But it might not be a piece of cake to find the perfect new fashion dresses for ladies. These ten types of wedding dresses available online in India will help one glam up one’s wardrobe.

1.         Partywear sarees are the go-to option for any wedding reception since they are classy and elegant. Apart from being fashionable, they also come in comfortable materials such as Chiffon, Georgette, Sana Silk, Chanderi, and Shimmer Chiffon. Partywear sarees are ideal for a late evening reception event. It is a brilliant choice for those looking to light up the room. When paired with fine jewelry, partywear sarees are sure to turn heads.

2.         Fancy sarees are exceptionally suitable for traditional weddings in which one wishes to adorn a tasteful look. The best part about a fancy saree is that it can be any style that one desires. While a Kora Weaving saree is a new style of dress that gives one a swan-like form, a Brocade Weaving saree gives a rich and vibrant look. From simple richness to grand elegance, fancy sarees appeal to everybody’s specific needs.

3.         It is common knowledge that Silk sarees are the staple of any South Indian wedding. But in an era of cultural exchange, silk sarees and women’s dresses online are increasingly gaining popularity everywhere. The traditional Kanchipuram silk or the Kanchipuram silk is known for its soft texture, finesse in detail, and unbelievable longevity of life that it owes to its supreme quality. Apart from the Kanchipuram brand, one can also find other varieties such as Mysore silk, Banarasi silk, Pochampally silk, and Tussar silk. These are silks native to different parts of the country. A silk saree is the perfect dress for women who desire varied styles.

4.         Cotton sarees are simple yet chic pieces of clothing that add allure to the woman wearing them. They reflect a casual look that makes the woman look sophisticated and confident in her skin. It is a classic fit for daytime weddings since the light outside matches the luster of the saree.

5.         Lehenga choli is a gorgeous outfit that is commonly associated with Indian weddings. Worn predominantly in northern India: a Lehenga usually comprises a blouse, a flowing skirt, and a shawl. One can customize the length of the blouse and the sleeve in any way. People also prefer to adorn their Lehengas with sequins, beads, and laces as they please.

6.         The Ghaghra is an attire that closely resembles the Lehenga in its form and appearance. The Ghaghra’s fabric is quite different since it uses a softer material such as cotton. But the Lehenga often uses raw silk or other kinds of silks. The Ghaghra’s simple fabric gives it a classic look at a wedding.

7.         Salwar Kameez suit is a new style dress for girls that is trending in recent times. A salwar kameez is a set of one kurta, a pair of pant, and a fashionable shawl. People prefer to buy a semi-stitched suit material to be tailor-made to match one’s liking and body shape. Pant in a salwar suit is either a straight pant or a patiyala type of pants that highlight one’s calves. A wedding salwar suit is generally brightly colored and adorned with intricate sequin work that adds to the wedding cheer. 

8.         Half-saree is a beautiful costume one wears at Indian weddings. It is a dress for women that includes a skirt, a blouse and a long piece of a shawl that one can drape around oneself like a saree. Irrespective of ages, all women enjoy wearing half-sarees. It adds to the festive mood of the occasion.

9.         Gowns are clothing mostly worn in Christian weddings but have now entered the mainstream Indian wedding fashion world. The most commonly preferred color of wedding gowns is white. People get wedding gowns stitched according to their wish. While a flowing gown with a long train is the conventional gown, one can also prefer an unconventional gown with varying veil thickness, train lengths, and sleeves. Gowns are the new style of outfit that’s becoming fashionable, and buying western dresses online in India is popular among brides.

10.       The pattu pavadai translates to ‘silk skirt’. One can often find young Tamil girls adorning this lovely costume in functions and weddings. The dress includes a silk blouse and a skirt. Even though children wear a cotton variation of this attire during regular days, the silk version is popular due to the allure of its texture. These days, women of all ages have developed a liking to the pattu pavadai and wear it to weddings.

A wedding is a special day that stays in one’s memory forever. The clothes one wears on that day is as crucial as the day itself. Therefore, be careful to choose the costume that fits your body and heart. 

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