When we think of our homes, many of us would like to think of them as places of relaxation and an inner sanctuary in which to unwind. A place where we switch off and forget about the outside world.

The home should be an interior bubble in which we can find peace, tranquillity and a means of escape, where we find comfort. One of the best ways to do this is to reflect it back within the space of the house. 

Therefore, here is my guide as to how you can bring a wellness-focused design to the interior of your home.

Go With a Designer Who Understands Balance:

While we know how our own bodies require a means of balance to help us function, the same can be said for the design of our home.

As the means to develop a sense of balance and calm in our inner spaces, the concept to create a more calming, unperturbed environment is on the rise.

As a result, interior design businesses, such as Interiored, are in high demand, as many look to a design that will positively affect their health.

Much like your body’s composition, if you consider that of your home’s interior carefully, it may lead to a healthy balance within the design.

Feng Shui and Placement:

Now, before I am made out as a hippie and we flashback to the 1970s, Feng shui is actually one of the strongest advocates you could have when it comes to creating an interior design that is focussed on wellness.

Once again, our houses should be our own little bubbles of peace. Displacement and clutter can affect our mental state, making us feel overwhelmed and stressed.

The concept of Feng Shui is to create “strong ‘chi’ – good feng shui energy – and promote harmony, wellbeing and prosperity” and is often structured by creating zones in relation to your life to help order your space.

This is with the belief that it will create balance and a centred mindset. Clutter is often the enemy of mind flow and it also accumulates dust.

Hence, by removing that of which you no longer use or need, you are improving not only your physical wellness but also that of your mind, as you are able to give more attention to those that really matter to you.

So be wary of where you place that rubbish basket.

Enhance Natural Light Within the Home:

When attempting to create a wellness-focused interior inside your home, it is always a nice idea to involve natural elements within the home, as they can help both our physical and mental capacity.

One of the primary ways to do this is to encourage more natural light into the home. Our bodies need a variety of nutrients in order to work properly, and one of these is vitamin D, of which the sun is an important source.

It helps with our mood and it can also help our levels of concentration. This is also where the arrangement of your furniture is wise, as that of which to block due to glare.

Calm Yourself With Colour:

When thinking about wellness and what makes us calm within our personal spaces, it is wise to think about the colours you use.

According to Shalini Misra , “…Apart from psychological and physical benefits, the right use of colours can also determine the general atmosphere of your spaces…”

They can also help with how different energies work in each space, whether blue makes you feel calm or orange invigorates you.


Now, I hope I have given you some techniques and sources on how you can develop an interior design that becomes a pure sanctuary.