The Importance of CBDa (cannabidiolic acid)


Cannabinoid CBD (cannabidiol) has been the subject of debate for some time and is growing in importance because of its numerous positive effects. However, it is not as well-known concerning CBDa (cannabidiolic acid). But, since one of the first cannabis researchers Raphael Mechoulam, reported his recent findings in October of this year at a conference held in California on the high-quality cbda products, it is now receiving greater interest.

“Cannabidiolic acid (CBDa) is the principal cannabinoid found in hemp that is fresh. Cannabis oil contains CBDa, which has many of the same properties as CBD (cannabidiol). CBDa exhibited anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and tumor-inhibitory properties in vitro.

Similar results have been presented in the work of Raphael Mechoulam, the inventor of a revolutionary method of producing synthesized, stable acids to aid in drug development. One of the most popular is cannabidiolic acid. As part of his studies, Mechoulam, one of the pioneers of the endocannabinoid process and an early pioneer in medical cannabis, reached the following conclusion that astonished many. Despite its instability, CBD acid (CBDa) binds to a particular serotonin receptor 1000 times more powerfully than CBD. Additionally, the receptor is believed to be the reason for alleviating anxiety and nausea.


CBDa is an essential element for hemp extracts

However, CBDa, commonly called the acidic precursor to CBD, also closely interacted with CBD as demonstrated during his research in 2016. That’s why CBDa has been a key component of the CannaAid Shop product’s development. CBDa has a unique role as the primary ingredient of CannaAid Shop hemp-based tea. In contrast to CBD, CBDa is water-insoluble. CBDa also is an essential component of CannaAid Shop hemp extracts. “We knew about CBDa’s importance CBDa since the time we founded CannaAid Shop in 2016,” explained BioBloom CEO Christoph Werdenich.


Is CBDA Legal?

CBDA is commonly regarded as a distinct cannabinoid different from CBD; however, the truth lies in that CBDA is generally treated as CBD in CBDA’s U.S. and international markets.

According to the 2018 Farm Bill, industrial hemp production is now legal in the United States. As a result, CBD products started flooding the market. The THC content of CBD products must be less than 0.3 percent by dry weight to comply with laws. Cut-offs vary according to country. Because it’s non-intoxicating, CBDA is completely legal in almost all states.


Hemp Plant Relief

Recent developments surrounding CBDA have given it a place in the health food stores and online marketplace. CBDA has demonstrated tremendous promise for treating various ailments, including nausea, anxiety, vomiting as well as epilepsy, and cancer. In the end, it could increase the effectiveness of the endocannabinoid system.

What is CBDA? Where is CBDA available?

CBDa is a cannabinoid with a diverse mechanism of action, but there is plenty still unknown, and the first findings suggest it may be just as effective as CBD. If you plan to test CBDa for yourself, make sure to choose a reputable company that provides you with an official Certificate of Analysis (COA) that details CBDa’s profile. You can find CBD tinctures, gummies, and more at CannaAid Shop.

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