The Marketing Value of Customer Reviews


If 94% of people read online reviews, then why wouldn’t you want to use them to help your business as well? Many businesses fail to use this important tool to their advantage, and it’s hurting those businesses. While most would fear getting negative reviews, even these kinds of reviews are an opportunity for businesses to stand out in the market. There is a ton of value in customer reviews, here are just a handful of them.

Reviews Help People Get Past the Marketing Speak

Let’s face it, marketers know how to make a product or service sound amazing, but sometimes, customers are like, “what does that really mean?”. Having reviews helps those customers hear directly from other customers. They use terms and applicable phrases that make the product more relatable, and hopefully more desirable.

Reviews might even include pictures or videos of the product in action which can be exciting for a customer. Seeing a kitchen product being used to make food or a kids’ product being used by a real child has more impact sometimes than those beautiful photos that you paid a professional photographer to create. They help people relate better to your product and your company.

Reviews Improve Credibility

Reviews from real people mean that the product has been purchased and tried out by someone else. This can be helpful as well, especially when you’re looking at something like Easy Knock customer reviews to help you get a home equity loan or a new business in your neighborhood on Yelp. These reviews can give you better insight into companies to give you the confidence that they are doing what they say they do. Reviews can boost credibility, especially in markets that are harder to break into. This also helps service-based businesses as well. Leveraging sites like LinkedIn as well can help customers see that you are legit and good at what you do. It can improve your overall notoriety as well when you use reviews.

Reviews Offer Constructive Feedback

It’s not always nice to hear when a customer has a bad experience. But if it’s something you can fix, then these negative reviews offer an opportunity for you to learn and grow as a company. Maybe there are some gaps in your processes that need to be addressed or some additional training that your customer service reps could use. Perhaps a vendor you buy from isn’t turning out a quality product anymore and the reviews can help you search for a new company to get that item from in the future. This constructive feedback is powerful for business development and growth.

Additionally, when responded to in a professional and helpful manner, these negative reviews can eventually turn into positive ones in some instances. The reviewer may go back and add details to the review that show that even though their initial interaction was negative, the business found a way to make it better and they are now happy with their product or service.

It Improves Customer Engagement

One of the best ways to give customers a chance to interact with your business is to give them the opportunity to share their opinions. People love to tell their stories and if they had an amazing experience, it’s a great way to get them to connect. Businesses that can connect to a customer on an emotional level are much more likely to persuade them to buy eventually than those that can’t connect to a customer’s emotions. Imagine reading a review from a grateful parent who could finally sleep through the night because a swaddle blanket made all the difference in the world. Now you’re connecting the product, a swaddle blanket, to an outcome, getting more sleep. The emotions that can evoke are more valuable than any marketing campaign you could ever develop.

Some Final Thoughts on Customer Reviews

Every business will get a troll out there who will write a negative review even though they have never interacted with the company at all. It’s important as a business owner to discern how to handle these comments and how to do it legally. If the reviewer never purchased from you, you could simply respond with something like, “I’m sorry I can’t see that you’ve ever bought from us. Perhaps you’re mistaken and this review is meant for a different company.” It’s best not to get riled up. Some trolls simply like to provoke you and it’s best not to get into a fight online. 

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