The Synergy of Online Casino and Augmented Reality


We have witnessed a revolutionary shift in entertainment with the invention and the introduction of Virtual Reality. But this was just the beginning. Virtual Reality only displays a virtual world to us but Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality are the literal game-changers because these innovations are changing the way we game and interact with the virtual world.

Imagine playing casino games like blackjack, baccarat, teen patti on AR. Yes, it is indeed marvellous and in this article, we will be observing the undeniable & innate synergy the Online Casino industry has with Augmented Reality.

Industrial Innovation

Technological innovation is happening faster in 2020 than ever before and even in the gambling and gaming industry, it is true that companies are required to incorporate the latest, cutting edge technology to avoid being steamrolled by the competition.

While innovation is happening in all walks of technologies, not all of them are useful for the online casino industry. For instance, the breakthrough in quantum computing seems to be useful only in a few years time but innovations in the field of Artificial Intelligence, 5G and Augmented Reality directly impacts the said industry, currently.

Industrial competition one side and customer satisfaction on the other, gambling & online casinos already have the reputation of being one of the fastest moving online industries.

Catering to the customers who demand the bleeding edge innovation like the Augmented Reality in 10CRIC, and players who are totally on board to hop on the latest bandwagon to explore and help innovate future technologies is the kind of support other industries get envious about. 

AR in Online Casino Gaming

It is quite evident that not all technological innovations will find success. The success of any technology depends on how the users accept it, utilize it and help companies innovate better versions & renditions to further appease the customers’ pain points.

There are quite a few innovations like Google Glass, 3D television which never progressed because of the lack of customer attention, so what is to say that AR for online casino gaming just isn’t a gimmick that may wither away in a few years?

We all know how online casino gaming works, now imaging wearing an augmented reality headset which gives you an immersive experience of gambling in a lavish casino in Las Vegas or Monte Carlo and looking at the dealer in front of you and your fellow competitors as you tilt your head sideways. Isn’t this the dream of all gamblers, to play in a posh casino, rather than pushing buttons on your PC?

It is this immersive 3-dimensional experience provided by the AR technology that works like a match made in heaven with online casinos so it is safe to predict that AR Online Casinos are not just here to stay, but in a few years, every single casino would have to hop on board or accept defeat.

Touted as the next revolution of live gaming, AR could practically rewrite the way online board games, live betting, live sports commentary and many more could be enjoyed. Playing monopoly with a family member who is in another country or enjoying a Barcelona game with your boys, sitting in Mumbai, the limitations are endless.

Limitations to be Mitigated

Not everything in the realm of AR online gaming is rainbows & roses because we still face bandwidth constraints as 5G is still far on the horizon, and this being the only technology that could decimate latency issues and appease the burden on hardware and servers, we have quite a few more steps away.

Server issues, expensive hardware are still things to worry about in 2020 as the graphics intensive game demands high-end hardware which is anything but budget-friendly. Once we find a workaround or solutions to these issues, we will all be on our way to experience the natural synergy of Online Casino gaming and augmented reality.

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