Top 6 blockchain companies you can trust with your project


Blockchain is a digital, decentralized public ledger. In simple terms, it is a formation of blocks or digital information that is stored in the chain( database). Cryptocurrency works through the blockchain because it is also a decentralized, digital system. That is why people decided to buy bitcoin instantly and traded with it because there is no particular authority controlling it, unlike the fiat money.

The success of bitcoin has led to the emergence of so many other digital currencies and also popularized the blockchain technology which is diversified to be used in different sectors such as health, media and even government parastatals. Several businesses and companies are also adopting the blockchain technology. This article thus seeks to point out some of the top blockchain companies you can work with. But before we look at these companies, I want to list out some of the criteria used in ranking these companies.

a) Experience: that is, the number of varying blockchain projects and their quality over the years is an indication that they can deliver as promised.

b) Presence online: Respected and reputable businesses or companies usually have strong activity on social media platforms and corporate blogs. A large audience and regular updates is a good sign.

c) Backroom staff: the larger the team members, the more likely it is that your project will be delivered on time because there are more flexibility and development power.

d) How many years the company has been on the market

e) Testimonials from other clients

F) Development capabilities. E.t.c

Now let’s dive into some of the top blockchain companies based on the parameters above

1) Consensys

This blockchain company was founded by a Canadian entrepreneur Joseph Lubin in the year 2014. It is a venture production studio focused on disruptive startups, B2C Apps, core integration components, building and scaling tools and enterprise software products. It focuses mainly on the use of decentralized technology, most often than not, Ethereum development.

Consensys has offices in San Francisco, Boston, Newyork, Austin, Brisbane, Berlin, London, Singapore, Bucharest, Tel Aviv, Toronto. Some of their major clients are Microsoft, P&G, WWF, and Union bank. Average hourly rate is between $50-$99/hr and it has over 300 employees.

2) Sciencesoft

This blockchain company was founded in 1989 with its headquarters in Mc Kinney, Texas. Sciencesoft focuses mainly on software development outsourcing, Software product development and custom software development. This company’s blockchain offering includes blockchain testing services, Blockchain audit, Blockchain training, blockchain consultation, migration of legacy solutions to the Blockchain infrastructure. It has over 600 employees and estimated annual revenue of about $28M.

3) Leeway Hertz

This company was founded in 2007, and its blockchain technology services include blockchain consulting, user experience and technical design, enterprise blockchain development, maintenance, deployment, migration and upgrades e.t.c. The services they provide include but not limited to ICO services, custom blockchain development services, artificial intelligence, voice technologies, product software development, Augmented reality, Alexa skill kit, cloud, Virtual reality.

Its headquarter is in San Francisco, California, USA. But has additional offices in Lake Forest, Irvine, Toronto, India and the United Arab Emirates. It has an employee size of over 250 staffs they charge an average hourly rate of $50-$99/hr. Their primary clients are US army, P&G, Budweizer, ESPN, Nascar, Siemens and Pearson.

4) Solulab

This company is a leading web, mobile and blockchain development company which was founded in 2014. The company provides 360-degree, full-spectrum services to startups, small and large businesses and enterprises, helping them to turn their dreams into reality by developing amazing software products. Their major clients include Mercedes-Benz, Goldman Sachs, Citrix, Georgia Tech, Walt Disney, Cambridge assessment English. E.t.c. Solulab has over 300 staffs, and its average hourly rate is less than $50/hr. It has offices in the United States and India.

5) Accubits

This is an Artificial intelligence and blockchain solutions development company. It was founded in 2012 and based in Washington DC. The platforms that this company works on are Corda, Ethereum, Hyperledger fabric, BigchainDB and Multichain. Some of the services it provides are custom blockchain development, enterprise solutions, Artificial intelligence, Applications development, ICO platforms development, Integrated blockchain services, crypto Token and Exchange development, Dapps and smart central development e.t.c. It has offices in the United States, Dubai, India. It has over 200 staff and has an average hourly rate of less than $30/hr. Some of Accubits major clients include Dubai police, Etisalat, Landmark, Monger, APN health, Ausfinex, Dubai Land department e.t.c.

6) Synsoft Global

This company which was founded in 2009, is based in India and they are majorly a blockchain software development company. This company leverages technologies which include Stellar blockchain, ERC20 Tokens, Ethereum Smart Contracts, Hyperledger fabric and they also focus on ICO development and Crypto wallets. The services they provide include bitcoin mining, blockchain consulting, coins, cryptocurrency, ICO and Token development, exchanges e.t.c

Their backroom staff ranges from 100-220, and they have an average hourly rate of between $26-$50/hr. their significant clients include Windpower India, Shell, Neo Mobile, XTV, Qstamp e.t.c

In conclusion, based on the parameters mentioned earlier, the above-listed blockchain companies are those you can entrust with any project you have at hand to take your enterprise into the next phase.

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