Top Tips for Business Travel in 2022


Travel in 2022 is about to boom once again. While businesses are still working remotely for convenience purposes, many of them still want the opportunity to have in-person meetings and events. This surge means that not only do you need to invest in more office-friendly pants, you’ll also need to learn how to navigate new policies, procedures, and re-establish good habits.  Here are the top tips when you head to travel for business in 2022.

Watch for New Luggage Fees

Many airlines no longer offer free checked bags. This means you’ll need to plan ahead when you buy your tickets. Read the airline policies carefully. Look for important details about how many bags you can bring, how much each one will cost, and what the weight limits are. Your employer will help determine how to get reimbursed for those costs.

Carry On Your Important Clothes

There is always the risk that your luggage could get lost. This is not only inconvenient, but when you have important business meetings, it can also be disastrous. No one wants to walk into the first in-person meeting they’ve had in two years wearing the clothes they wore on the airplane. You can easily take your important clothes onto the plane using a hanging travel garment bag. These fold up nicely and help your clothes look their best so you can look great when you show up to see all your colleagues in person. Plus, they hang up easily when you get to your hotel accommodations.

You’ll Pay Extra for Assigned Seating

Do you remember the days when everyone got assigned seating on an airplane? Those were the days. Nowadays many airlines have started doing things differently. Instead of everyone getting an assigned seat, there are now seating groups. And you go in with the group you’re assigned to and choose an open seat when you get on the plane. These airlines now charge extra for the privilege of sitting in a preassigned seat. This is helpful for those with longer legs or families who need to sit altogether. If you want a specific seat in the aisle, or a window, prepare to pay a little more.

Prepare for Longer Wait Times

Airports were always busy before. With fewer people working at the airport, limited flights, and other restrictions in place, wait times may be longer than expected especially during high travel times. You may no longer be able to roll into the airport last minute and get on the plan on time. You’ll need to arrive earlier and be prepared for longer lines and wait times than you may be used to. This is especially true when you fly internationally.

Understand Your Airline’s Cancellation Policies

Weather and illness related cancellations happen. It’s important to learn what those policies are and if you have any rights to reimbursement or to get a flight at a different time. Some airlines will offer vouchers for flights that they need to reroute or cancel. But if you need to, then it’s a different story. Recently when there was a huge snowstorm that swept across the United States, travelers were left stranded. Because it was due to weather, the airline had to book everyone on new flights to eventually get them to their destinations. The airlines also put many of them into hotels because of the inconvenience.

Plan Ahead With Trip Insurance

Many travelers choose trip insurance to ensure they have the reassurance that no matter what happens, they will get their money back for the trip if anything goes wrong. Many businesses provide trip insurance for their employees for this purpose. They want to be certain that if you don’t get to your destination in time, their investment won’t go to waste. Trip insurance covers a variety of circumstances that could interrupt your trip, so read through all the different options before you decide on one.

Business travel in 2022 is going to be great not only for the travel industry, but for companies who’ve been longing for those long meetings to collaborate, dream, and envision new things for the future. Since it’s probably been a while since you’ve had to go anywhere, these tips should help ease some of your stress around traveling.

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