Trial of Osiris for beginners and a new stage on November 25


The Trial of Osiris for many players is one of the most interesting and popular PVP activities for solo and squad members in Destiny 2. Every player wants to accumulate the appropriate level for valuable rewards, and the best players strive for a flawless rank, but this will require well-honed skills of shooting and teamwork.


Weekend Mode will now require the purchase of the Witch Queen paid add-on.

Now, when defeated, the player only loses the accumulated ranks and rounds, and does not suffer defeat until next weekend. It is enough just to keep playing and accumulate rounds, and sooner or later the experience gained in practice will begin to move from quantity to quality.

You should not cheat and try to deceive the system – an anti-cheat from Banjie – Battleeye works inside – it will track all game activity and the honesty of the gameplay and shooting in each game fragment.

Now in the Trial of Osiris there will be an opportunity to select players by skills before sending.

New game map for PVP activity

On November 25, all players who are not indifferent to PVP will be announced a new map, on which the main battles for ranks and impeccable status will take place.

Now, instead of automatically obtaining ranks, interaction with Saint-14 will be pumped, which will reward players who have achieved success during pumping. Saint 14 will also issue special weapons that can be obtained at ranks 3, 5 and 7, as for the flawless status, the reward will be announced on the eve of November 25th.

  • Rank 10 – Arc Shotgun, Inquisitor.
  • Rank 16 – Whistler’s Whim, Kinetic Shotgun.

When unlocking rewards, it will now be possible to reroll them thanks to Engrams, which will greatly simplify the procedure for past periods and weekends.

Considering that every weekend brings new rewards, and in order to get the best types of weapons you need to win and not allow losses, beginners should turn to professional players for help.

Go to and select the appropriate service. The service will do the rest, and the best weapons will help you in raids and other PVP activities, and it’s not easy to get a similar weapon, but it’s not possible to craft it at all.

When a reward for impeccable status is announced, you will be able to receive it as part of the same service, regardless of the announcement.

Updates to passages and maps in Trial of Osiris

The system of all activities related to the Trial of Osiris has been changed and players should be aware of some important aspects that can affect the passage, the extraction of ranks and, most importantly, their safety in order to achieve truly valuable rewards.

  1. Now, defeat does not mean the completion of the entire passage and the player only needs to start all over again, although there are several tricks that will help the player keep the reward already received, but we will return to this in the next section.
  • Now you can complete the passage immediately, without waiting for the end of a series of three defeats.
  • The passage is now tracked until the first winning rounds are received.
  • Amplifiers and boosters for Trial of Osiris are now much cheaper.
  • Amplifiers are now tied to the game account, not the character, and the player can switch his achievements to any of the three characters without getting hung up on anyone.
  • You can only take one booster for the whole weekend, so choose wisely.

Amplifiers and effects


Allows the player to make a mistake and be defeated without resetting the rank. One of the best buffs, especially for beginners – keep it for a special occasion and going all the way to the lighthouse.


Allows the player to get additional bonuses for three defeats in a row, but you will not be able to save your progress like from the previous card, so you need to choose and stop at Ferocity when you are already confident in your shooting and technique.


Allows you to accumulate ranks faster, but does not apply to obtaining Flawless status. Choose if you want to reach weapon ranks faster, but don’t aim for or fall short of Flawless Rank.


Play Floveless during the week to complete the challenge again and receive additional rewards from the chest.

Please note that the event lasts exactly one weekend and the rewards may change from weekend to weekend. The mode is designed to increase the level of activity and the opportunity for players to earn new and improved equipment and compete in the coolness and development of gaming skills.

Do not be upset if you endure a series of defeats, depending on the game hours played, you will be able to tighten up your game tactics and spy on the actions of players in similar classes, which will certainly affect the level of the game and the rewards you receive in the future.

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