Update your look in 2021 with these glasses frames


Everybody wants to see clearly. But more importantly, everybody wants to look good.

What if we tell you that both of these things can be achieved with just one accessory – Glasses?

Yes, given the unique and comfortable frame styles available today, more and more people are shifting from lenses to glasses (and most of them have good vision). It’s alright if you didn’t know this secret yet.

If you wear glasses, now is the best time to experiment with fun frame shapes and designs. Even if you are not stepping out much, you can still leave people in the awe of your style by sporting cool glasses in the zoom meetings. You won’t have to step out of your house to buy these frame styles either when you can simply get your glasses online.

Pro tip: Make sure that the glasses you buy have a blue light coating. This will protect your eyes from all that screen time you are spending on zoom meetings and video calls these days.

If you are an eyewear enthusiast, you probably already know about the frame styles that are making their presence felt in 2021. But if you are not aware of the latest trends in eyewear, allow us to enlighten you.

Transparent frames

Forget the glasses in dark shades. This year is all about transparent glassesand their elegant appeal. Although this style has seen a rise in 2010, this year, its popularity is touching the sky. With large transparent frames, you can make a fashion statement while highlighting your best facial features.

Transparent glasses are coming in different tints so you can pick one that you like the most. Since they are transparent, they go perfectly well with all skin tones, hair colours and outfits. The unobtrusive appeal of these frames will make people admire your simplicity and elegance.

Tortoiseshell glasses

Speaking of class and sophistication, let’s get your eyes on the famous tortoiseshell glassesthat will lend you an air of sophistication as soon as you put them on. And you don’t even have to struggle to match them with your outfit as they team well with  every colour.

If you are not too bold to try over-the-top statement frames, you can go for a pair of tortoiseshell glasses and intimidate people with your class.

Geometric frames

The bizarre shapes of geometric glasses are as unconventional as you. To tell you the best part, they go with every face shape. Even if you already have an angular face, you can benefit from a pair of geometric glasses.

If you are seeking a cool frame style, nothing will bring you more joy than the sharp angles of geometric frames. After all, why should our glasses have to be practical?

Oversized frames

This style was famous back in the 90s but has recently made a return in both glasses and sunglasses. The broad frame and lenses provide better protection to your eyes against the virus and germs. But, they do a lot more than just shielding your eyes. They help you stand out with your unique fashion taste and bold personality.

For those who want to try out this trend but still doubt whether they will be able to pull off this style, you can start small with large glasses in transparent frames. They will give a subtle touch to your glasses so you won’t attract too much attention.

Cat-eye glasses

One style that will never cease to make it in the eyewear trend list of every year is the renowned cat-eye style. No matter if you are a business woman or a mother of two or both, you must have a pair of cat-eye glasses in your wardrobe.

The clean frame cut in upswept style boosts your self confidence so you feel nothing less than a movie star. The sharp edges lends a dramatic appeal to your look and takes your style quotient over the roof. To add a bit of class to thi eyewear, try cat-eye glasses in tortoiseshell patterns.

What do you think?

 With so many stylish frames, picking one can be quite challenging. But who said that you have to pick only one. If you look online, you will find cheap glasses that have quality and are available in all these styles. So while you are over the internet, take some time out and buy stylish glasses frames online at affordable prices. Who said that a makeover has to cost you a fortune? 

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