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Value For Money: Best Watch Brands To Consider For Mid-Range Timepieces

The appeal about modern-day watches is that you don’t have to splash the cash just to wrap that exquisite fashion on your wrists. Furthermore, the best mid-range timepieces demonstrate that interesting stuff can even come in relatively inexpensive boxes.

Although these popular timepieces may not even be carrying tourbillon and other luxurious technologies beneath the case, they are still sleek, trendy, and stunning all across.

In reality, these mid-tier watch labels are so fantastic and eye-catching that if you purchase one, you will most likely lie and claim it cost considerably as much. Perspective, after all, is a fact. We have highlighted some of the best mid-range watch brands in no particular order. So read on and choose which one appeals to you.


Among the biggest mid-range watchmakers, Hamilton watches blend the advantages of two countries: Switzerland and America. This means that these watches are profoundly American in nature and style, but are the finest of Swiss mechanisms.

Together with successes in the field of timepieces, the company has made a significant impact on the entertainment, military, automotive, and aerospace sectors. Hamilton compact watches are very famous, famed for their elegance and antique design.

One of their popular models is the Hamilton American Classic series, with a varying range of strap styles, face dials, and price points. Hamilton watches not only offer genuinely impressive timepieces, but every wristwatch looks like making history, probably since most of them are. Hamilton is one of the finest mid-watch companies in the industry.


Swiss timepiece maker Eterna has a tidy series of achievements under its hat. Many (though not all) of Eterna Watches ‘ milestones being the first watch to be made entirely in-house in 1860, the invention of the first wrist alarm in 1898, and the invention of a tension-reducing ball-bearing installed rotor mechanism still widely used even now in 1947. 

Eterna is making some of the finest mid-range models throughout the globe. But this is just the surface of the iceberg. Look up the exclusive Eterna Matic collection. Also, the Soleure Perpetual calendar Chronograph for next-level features at a reasonable price.


Swiss watch RADO regularly combines sleek styles with exceptional components such as high-tech carbon as well as sapphire glass. Also among the top midrange watchmakers, Rado Watches apparently turned eyes at Baselworld 2017 with the latest DiaMaster Chronograph movement and also the flashy Authentic Blaze special edition.

Classic meets creativity with the Hyperchrome Captain Cook Auto, an initial design that brought fresh and updated design to existence in the 21st century. In the end, RADO produces elegant, durable, and stunning mechanical watches that appear like they’re going to cost way higher than they really do. The cost of a Rado watch is potentially its greatest attribute. 


The pride of Japan, Casio, was introduced well into the 1940s, but it did not appear as a contemporary design game-changer until the first couple of decades back. This was when, together with other companies, including Timex, they popularized the quartz mechanism and invented the wristwatch, effectively dragging the market into the cycle.

Casio products for men like the King of G and G-Steel Collection are not only designed to shift and pack with functionality, but they are far more or less as rugged as a mid-range watch may be. The G-Steel collection comprises a high-quality metal frame with a shock-resistant framework that G-SHOCK is known throughout.

Styles provide aluminum and acrylic bands with fashion-forward styles. If your company is rugged, trendy, flexible, efficient, and inexpensive, then Casio is your product.


Longines timepieces, esteemed and outstanding, are driven by almost two decades of design. Their Legend Diver Mechanical Watch— although not specifically mid-range — popped up in a Bond movie and stays a widely popular and stunning watch set.

The latest all-ceramic edition expands the Longines Hydroconquest series, or you might continue to admire the artistry of the Longines Flagship Legacy Set

The company has recently been appointed associate and approved timekeeper of the French Open and has been working with international skiing tournaments since the 1940s. What this is all about is a genuinely professional mid-range watch company that spans the entire range of fashion, functionality, and practices.


There you have it. Some of the most well-known watch brands you can look into for your mid-range watch interests. Without a doubt, purchasing a watch from these companies will definitely exude elegance and luxury without having to spend too much. If ‘value for money’ is what you prioritize, consider buying a watch from these reputed companies.


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