Wedding Planning Tips Heading Into Spring 2022


Spring is a fantastic time to plan a wedding; the blooms start coming out, and the atmosphere is dreamy and beautiful for outdoor events. After making it through cold winters, everyone looks forward to gathering outside and having a great time. This is why spring weddings are a great way of having fun and making unforgettable memories. Some of the tips to help you plan a spring wedding in 2022 that will knock the socks off your guests include;

Select an officiant early

Booking a slot and having an officiant early for your big day is essential to ensure everything goes smoothly. Not everyone can wed the two of you, and ensuring you settle this in time will go a long way in eliminating strain. You can search for “marriage officiant near me” to narrow down options online and help you choose one that will not have a hard time reaching your destination.

Decide on the venue

Deciding your venue goes a long way in helping you choose other elements for your big day. You can start by deciding whether you want an outdoor or indoor setup. Go ahead and book the wedding venue in time and pay a down payment before making other plans. Because spring offers a mixture of weather traits, it is essential to look at the weather forecast and visit the venue when such projections are happening to see how well the venue will serve you on your big day. This may look like a lot of work, but it is better to be prepared than sorry.

Work with a wedding planner

It can be an added cost to your wedding budget, but working with a wedding planner who has been in the industry long enough will save you time and help you avoid common mistakes a bride may make. Seasoned wedding planners understand how spring weddings work and will be instrumental in choosing perfect venues, decor, or setups that will appeal to you. They can also provide you with detailed vision boards to help you put together your big day quickly and tastefully.

Be mindful of the dates

Spring hosts a lot of events that may make your guests feel conflicted. Remember to think about festivities like Easter and national holidays that may see people want to travel and see their loved ones out of town. By identifying these days early and ensuring your big day has this in mind, you are likely to enjoy the presence of your guests without straining them. The date will inform how much you pay caterers, a venue, and services in general. You should also slot the day and send it out early to give enough time for your guests to block the date in their calendars.

Pick a color scheme

Some colors go well with spring, which may be why you decided to go with it. If you are a lover of flowers and blooms, selecting colors to complement this will see you transform your venue impeccably. Hues like pinks, rustic, and greens are an excellent complement for a spring wedding. You can also incorporate wood designs, especially for an outdoor event.

Selecting a color scheme makes it easier to handpick what goes well and eliminate clashes. You can also decide on a theme to help inform your color choices and give guests an easy time selecting outfits. Whether you want a modern chic, traditional or rustic theme, having this in mind and marrying them with the desired colors will see you have a more cohesive outcome.

Select spring flowers

Spring flowers are one of the excellent perks of a spring wedding in 2022. You can work with your planners and service providers to identify flowers in season in the area and make unique centerpieces, floral decors, and lush bouquets to complement the venue. Ensure the flower arrangements and colors align with your theme and color scheme to ensure everything looks well thought out. You can also use flower arrangements to tastefully decorate the aisle and podium, giving you picture-perfect backgrounds.


Planning a spring wedding in 2022 is exciting, especially now that people can gather and make memories together. The above pointers are essential in helping you think through your wedding and cover all aspects needed to make it outstanding. Ensure you adhere to health guidelines and delegate tasks to identify loopholes before the big day.

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