What Astrology Says About Your Business Success


Astrology is the branch of science that deals with cosmic connections with respect to stars, constellations and their cosmic position. The positions of stars, sun and planets have connections with numbers, horoscopes and various other factors based on which the success of an individual, his family, his business, his career and various other parameters can be determined.

Astrology has evolved to cover a lot of important aspects of our lives. Many small disciplines have evolved from it, such as Numerology, Business Astrology and Personal Astrology which throws light into present conditions, future situations and the predicaments one is facing or about to face and how to prepare and cope with the same beforehand. Business Astrology can help you uncover your business potential.

History of Astrology

Astrology evolved from the Latin word – Astrologia, which roughly translates to accounts of the stars. Astrology dates back to as far as the 2nd cent. BC, where ancient philosophers and stargazers noticed the shifting of stars, celestial objects and other such cosmic objects having an impact on seasons, natural and terrestrial events. This led to the deep and investing observation of the shift among the stars, the sun and the constellations, which was seen to take place and have deep connections and impacts on the earth, the climate, seasons.

Later, it was observed that each individual born when a particular star and planet was shining the most and was at its full glory determined so much of the character of the person. This led to an intensive pseudoscience owing to the study of stars and celestial objects with respect to the date and time of a person’s birth or any major phenomenon in his life and the impact these objects had on these circumstances. This slowly developed into what we now refer to as modern Astrology.

Astrology and its Applications

Astrology is used in various applications and fields and is one of the most evolved sciences to understand one’s personality and associated circles of life such as career, business, personal life, etc. Below are some of the detailed disciplines of Astrology:

  1. Numerology

Numerology is a science that believes in numbers and their placements and their connection with events of life. Numerology dictates the fact that every incident and every aspect of human life, his age, his preferences, everything around him is controlled or at least influenced by the numbers and digits around him. Numerology helps us by providing the best numbers that would increase our chances with luck and fortune.

A numerologist is someone who performs and understands and studies the impact of numbers in a said person’s life and uses his prowess to advise the best outcome possible in anything and everything he does by using the right placement of digits and numbers. For example, the numbers adding up to the name of the person, a business establishment or property. Indians, Chinese, and other South-East countries believe and practice this form of astrology widely, and they claim that this method helps them both personally and financially.

  • Personal Astrology

Personal Astrology is another discipline of Astrological science where the astrologer predicts the life and circumstances of an individual with the help of a ‘Horoscope’. A Horoscope is a detailed summary of the signs, stars and planetary position at the time of the birth of a particular individual. This helps the astrologer in understanding the influence of these celestial objects on the individual’s life and decisions that would favor him. Many Asians and Westerners believe in Astrology, especially for their personal affairs. In many households, an astrologer is consulted upon before taking any major decisions such as marriage, career advice, relevant education field, oversees business and travel, property dealings, finance options and everything else majorly involved.

  • Business Astrology

Business Astrology is another crucial kind of astrology where the astrologer gives you insights about the kind of business that you should involve in and how to steer the business successfully, based on personal horoscope and the nature of business itself. Many South Asians households confer with a Business Astrologer to give them insights on the kind of business they should be involved in. The partners and their horoscope match is even taken into consideration as it is believed that people of the same mentality and drive are best suited to work together. Business astrology can also give clues as to what predicaments can be faced and how to face those situations, or how to avoid forthcoming hardships based on astrological readings.

These are some of the insights of astrology for a Business’s success.

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