What Equipment is Needed by Building Surveyors?


With Chancellor Rishi Sunak having already announced a temporary plan to end stamp duty in the UK, it’s interesting to note that this has precipitated something of a housing boom at the beginning of 2021.

This could provide a similar boost to the construction market in the UK, creating a higher level of demand for surveyors nationwide. Surveying refers to the process of determining distances and angles between specific points, while it’s widely used on construction sites for the purposes of levelling and setting out scopes of work.

But what equipment do building surveyors need to do their job? Here are some of the most important examples.

  1. Personal Protective Equipment PPE

Let’s start with the basics; as PPE has never been more important when you consider the widespread impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

However, building surveyors are always required to wear relevant PPE, primarily because they work prolifically on construction sites and in busy environments where they may be exposed to unsecured structures.

This includes key and widely available items of personal protective equipment, such as reinforced footwear, hard hats and high visibility jackets which must be worn on-site at all times.

In some cases, surveyors may also need to wear gloves and some form of eye protection, along with items of equipment that can safeguard their hearing.

  1. Core Equipment for Recording Information

A key requirement of the surveyor role is to record information accurately and in real-time, particularly when determining precise angles for the purposes of construction projects.

On a fundamental level, this includes items such as pens, pencils and paper, along with personal recorders that enable surveyors to articulate their findings verbally and digitally.

More recently, surveyors have also begun to make use of digital cameras when capturing their findings, while advanced tablet-based software packages allow for more comprehensive record keeping in a construction setting.

In most cases, surveyors will hold a diverse range of such tools, so that they can produce accurate and comprehensive recordings regardless of the nature of their environment.

  1. Equipment for Measuring and Accessibility

On a similar note, building surveyors will also need to invest in measuring equipment (such as tape measures and lasers) to capture the appropriate dimensions before committing them to record.

In some cases, they may also need equipment that has been specifically designed for accessing remote or concealed areas, most notably lifting hardware for the inspection of chamber covers.

Another prominent example is provided by ladders that provide safe access to spaces that are three metres or more above floor level, with this type of equipment crucial from the perspective of protecting the physical welling of building surveyors.

These items of equipment are less popular and not widely used, of course, but it’s important that surveyors are aware of them if they’re to do their job safely and efficiently at all times.

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