What is doxxing?


Doxxing is the search and open publication of personal information about a person with malicious intent. Doxxing refers to the presence of a hacker (doxxer) who analyzes information about a person posted on the Internet to identify that person and then blackmail him or her.

Doxxingis usually designed to embarrass, criticize, retaliate or even physically harm a victim.

What is the purpose of doxxing?

People use doxxing as a weapon. Anonymous and similar movements use doxxing as a way to punish their enemies or people who disagree with their views. They publish their messages on the 4Chan bulletin board, which has millions of users, and on which whole campaigns of hatred towards someone are conducted. 4Chan also includes attacks in the form of fake phone calls, an avalanche of offensive emails, and many unwanted text messages. Doxxing is a tool for retaliation, harassment or bullying.

How doxxers can find your information

IP address                                                                                                         

Each device has an IP address that shows where the device is used. Doxxers can use an IP logger to track a victim’s online activity and locate them. An IP logger tracks you and sets your identity in conjunction with a search for your accounts by your name on certain websites.

Data Brokers

Your information is scattered all over the Internet, especially if you have social media accounts or publish any posts online. However, your information also becomes available to those people who are looking for you, thanks to data brokers. These data brokers buy data about people from other companies, such as airlines, magazine subscription services, surveys, etc. For example, you can leave your phone number on some site, but after that you will receive a lot of calls from spammers.


If you have your own website, the registration information you use to obtain a domain name becomes public to anyone who uses the WHOIS database. The information you enter is available directly through the WHOIS website or through domain name registrars. To protect your privacy, you can hide this information through your domain name registrar.

How to prevent doxxing

While the threat of doxxing can be daunting, it is important to understand the actions you can take to prevent it.

1. Increase privacy settings on social media

It is important to minimize the transfer of personal information through social networks. Make sure you know each person personally who is your friend on Facebook or signed up with you on Instagram. Let only those friends you know very well be with you on social networks, and beware of adding your colleagues from work because they may be your rivals.

2. Protect your Internet connections

Hackers can read your Internet data even if your content is encrypted. Because every Internet connection has an IP address, your location can be tracked every time you go online. Setting up a VPN solves this problem by keeping your anonymity on the Internet.RusVPN is considered to be one of the fastest and the most affordable VPN services, so consider buying a subscription.  Beware of public WiFinetworks, as they can be false access points, which can result in hackers intercepting all your Internet activity.

3. Protect your computer

Doxware is a malicious or spyware program that can steal your personal information and passwords for online services. Since Doxware is a malicious program, it is important to ensure the security of your computer and timely updating of all programs on it. Install antivirus and update your software regularly so that doxwarecannot “intercept” your device.

4. Keep your passwords safe

Doctors will try to find everything they can use against you and also try to crack your accounts. Prevent doxxing with complex passwords.

5. Secure and update your email

Create a separate email address for all those sites that need an email address to register. You can provide it to all those sites that may raise security concerns.

6. Vary user names

Create unique user names for each individual website you have an account with. If you register on a suspicious site or forum, make sure that your username is anonymous and cannot be linked directly to you. It is also best not to use your first and last name on social media sites.

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