What Is EHallPass, And How Does It Work?


eHallPass is a new technology that will be used by the City of Boston. The idea behind eHallPass is that it’s a way for police to use facial recognition software to tell in real-time if someone living in the city has an active warrant. It may be helpful in reducing crime rates, but how does it work? Read on!

What is eHallPass

If you’re a student, chances are you’ve heard of eHallPass. But what is eHallPass, and how does it work?

eHallPass is a digital hall pass system that allows students to request and receive permission to leave class using their smartphones or other devices. When a student needs to leave class, they simply open the eHallPass app and request permission from their teacher. The teacher can then approve or deny the request, and the student will be notified accordingly. If the teacher approves the request, the student will be given a digital “hall pass” that they can show to the school staff member when they leave class.

eHallPass is a convenient way for students to request permission to leave class, and it’s also a great way for teachers to keep track of where their students are at all times. No more paper hall passes getting lost or forgotten!

How does it work?

EHallPass is a revolutionary new app that allows students to easily and securely access their school buildings. With EHallPass, there is no more need for physical hall passes or for students to remember their ID numbers. Instead, students can simply use their smartphones to scan a QR code at the entrance of their school and be automatically granted access.

EHallPass is the brainchild of two high school students, who saw a need for a more modern and convenient way to handle hall passes. After developing the app and piloting it at their own school, they decided to make it available to other schools.

To use EHallPass, each school must first sign up and create an account. Once this is done, the school can then add QR codes to all of its entrances. Students will need to download the EHallPass app and create an account in order to use it.

Once everything is set up, using EHallPass is simple: students just need to open the app and scan the QR code at their school’s entrance. The app will then grant them access and keep track of their location within the building. If a student needs to leave early or go somewhere else in the building, they can just scan another QR code to update their location.

EHallPass is changing the way schools handle hall passes, making things simpler and more convenient for everyone involved. If you’re looking for an easy way to keep track of your students

Benefits and Drawbacks of Having an eHallPass

There are both benefits and drawbacks to having an eHallPass. The main benefit is that it allows students to have more flexibility in their schedule. They can choose when they want to come to class and when they want to leave. This can be helpful for students who have a lot of extracurricular activities or who need to work around a job schedule.

The main drawback of having an eHallPass is that it can be easy to abuse. Some students may use it as an excuse to skip class or not do their homework. Additionally, if not used correctly, eHallPasses can lead to more tardiness and absences.


EHallPass is a great way to get around school rules and regulations. It’s simple to use and really effective. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to make their life easier.

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