What Type of Brush to Use for Your Hair Type


Have you ever wondered what type of brush you should be using? You might think all brushes are created equal, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. There are so many different types of brushes — and combs — out there to choose from. It’s important to know what type of brush and comb to use for your hair type. Let’s take a look.

Thick or Curly Hair

If you have thick or curly hair, your best bet is to use a wide tooth comb when your hair is wet. Since this type of comb doesn’t cause as much friction when compared to other types of combs, it’s gentler on the hair and prevents breakage.

Paddle brushes are ideal for people with this hair type since they prevent curls from clumping. Detangling brushes are also specifically for reducing breakage for people with curly hair.

Keep in mind that the type of bristles you choose is also important. It’s ideal to choose boars’ bristles, which are less damaging. If you decide to opt for a plastic or nylon brush, look for rounded tips since they are less likely to cause damage.

Wooden brushes are another ideal option for curly hair. Not only are wooden brushes gentle on hair, but they won’t separate the curls.

Fine Hair

Individuals with fine hair will want to consider choosing a brush made from soft boar bristles. These are gentle on the hair and allow you to easily detangle your hair without breaking it.

If your hair has a tendency to knot, consider using a detangling brush. This type of brush prevents hair breakage from occurring.

Thinning Hair

If you have thinning hair, it can be nerve-wracking to choose a brush that won’t cause further hair loss. The safest option is to choose a soft boars’ bristle brush, which tends to cause less breakage.

People with thinning hair may also find that their hair lacks volume at the crown. If this is the case, consider using a teasing brush, which can safely reach the root of the hair without causing damage.

Very Thick or Coarse Hair

Is your hair very thick or coarse? If so, you’ll want to stay away from boars’ bristles, which simply can’t handle that much hair.

The best option is a brush with nylon bristles, which aren’t quite as damaging as plastic bristles and offer more support and control than boars’ bristles. Be sure to opt for a paddle brush, which can handle a larger amount of hair.

Straight Hair

People with straight hair will want to opt for a paddle brush since they’re better at evenly distributing oils. Paddle brushes are an ideal option for anyone with long, straight hair.

If you experience a lot of frizz or static, consider using a brush with a rubber pad to reduce this problem.

A fine tooth comb is perfect for people with this hair type. Since their teeth are so close together, they make it easier to control or style the hair.

Weak or Damaged Hair

Do you have weak or damaged hair? Whether your hair is damaged from heat, over-bleaching, a health condition or another reason, consider opting for a detangling brush with flexible bristles. This is the best option for safely brushing the hair without causing further damage or breakage.

Choosing the right brush or comb for your hair type can make all the difference in terms of hair health. It’s important to find a brush that doesn’t cause breakage or damage. Pay attention to your own hair and what feels right. It might take a few tries to find the right brush or comb for you.

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