Why We Need to Replant the Amazon and How We Can Help


If you have been watching the news these past few months, you might have encountered the devastating news about the burning of the Amazon Rainforest. The Amazon rainforest does have what is known as the burning season, where the rainforest is most susceptible to fires from June to December. While the drying may cause some of the forest fires out of the Amazon Basin and global warming, most of the fires are caused by human activity as they clear out more lands for farming and industry.

We cannot stop human progress. The increasing global population necessitates the need to get more land from existing rainforests. However, there should be something done to replenish the trees lost during the unwanted and unplanned forest burning. You can do something about the reforestation of the Amazon Rainforest by deciding to take part in the “Plant a tree” movement. Replanting the Amazon Rainforest is essential for the following reasons:

The Amazon Rainforest Helps Stabilize World Climate

The massive size of the Amazon Rainforest is capable of contributing as much as 20 percent of the oxygen that we breathe in. The Amazon also helps curb down the effect of climate change by absorbing large amounts of carbon dioxide present in the atmosphere brought about by human activity. If the Amazon forest is lost, the number of carbon dioxide in the air will not be controlled. Therefore, we can expect to have an increasingly hotter climate over the years.

The Amazon Provide Homes to Many Species of Plants and Animals

The Amazon dense forests are home to thousands of plants and animal species. When the trees are cut down, many animals and plants will not have places that they can rely on for shelter. Some rare species of plants and animals can only thrive within the Amazon, and relocating them to other areas will not ensure their survival. You can do a lot for Amazon when you choose to plant a tree on behalf of Amazon.

Amazon Rainforest Prevents Drought, Flood, and Erosion

The roots of the trees of the Amazon anchor the soil to prevent erosion. When dirt is washed down into the rivers, streams, and lakes, this soil fills up bodies of water with silt, which will affect the fishes or any aquatic organisms. Rainforest trees also prevent the occurrence of floods since the tree roots would absorb rainwater that seeps into the ground while the massive tree trunks will block any running surface water.

The Amazon is a Source for Medicine and Food

Amazon has long been used as a source of medicine, especially medicine coming from plants and animals that are only found within this rainforest. When Amazon is depleted, the sources of life-saving medicines will also be lost.

How Can You Help Replant the Amazon Rainforest?

You need not want to go to the Amazon Rainforest and plant a tree in-person to help in the ongoing reforestation projects. You can always do your part in the comforts of your own home. The important thing for you to do is to be educated on the dangers the world will face when the Amazon Rainforest is totally destroyed.

There is a growing movement of replanting the rainforest by giving donations to different organizations that will plant a tree on your behalf. You can also give out “Plant a tree” gifts to your friends or loved ones for special occasions.

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