Before the late 1800s, people used candles to light up their Christmas trees. This practice was both challenging and dangerous, too, as it was a fire risk. Luckily, electronic alternatives to candles came into being. Also known as twinkle, fairy, holiday or string lights, Christmas lights have since become staple decorative elements during the yuletide season.

Are you aware that you can buy Christmas lights at any time of the year and for a variety of purposes, too? Especially if you are into all kinds of DIY arts and crafts, you can use those twinkling lights in many ways, each one bringing joy and happiness.

These days, Christmas lights come in many shapes and sizes. Aside from the traditional kinds familiar to many, there are also firecrackers, waterfall, LED clusters and rope lights. In other words, there is a style that goes well with every season, personality and decorative needs. Christmas lights are all-year-round decorative essentials!

Low-Cost Vanity Mirror

Hollywood mirrors can make every beauty-conscious woman feel like a celebrity. Sadly, not everyone can afford those glamorous mirrors. If you want to have one in your room, worry not because it is easy to create it from scratch. You can turn any regular mirror into a Hollywood mirror with the help of Christmas lights. Just make sure that you avoid using multicoloured ones as it can keep you from achieving the right look with your makeup.

Unique Office Desk Lamp

Now more than ever, working from home can be advantageous. Having an office in one corner of the bedroom or any other place in the home is one of the first steps to start your telecommuting life. If you want a desk far from looking ordinary or boring, all you have to do is stash some Christmas lights in a large mason jar and, voila, you have a unique desk lamp that can inspire you to carry out your office tasks promptly and diligently.

Festive Deck Lights

When the temperature rises, it is a wonderful idea to make the most out of the deck. From reading a novel and getting a lovely tan to entertaining some guests, the deck can come to the rescue whenever there is something you need to carry out. A simple and low-cost way to make the deck look phenomenal when the sun goes down is to buy Christmas lights and use them instead of traditional lighting fixtures that we have all seen before.

Garden Wedding Decors

Just because you are planning a garden wedding on a tight budget doesn’t mean that the magical moment cannot look magical. With a little creativity and ingenuity, any garden can be turned into the perfect wedding venue. A nifty way to make the setting picture-perfect is by adorning it with lots of Christmas lights. With so many styles to choose from, you will find the task of decorating the venue almost effortless.

Hanging Photo Album

One of the nicest things about hanging photos on the wall is that you can showcase as many snapshots as you want without having to spend lots of money on photo albums and frames. As a DIY project, you can use all kinds of inexpensive materials to come up with something that looks like it is the brainchild of a seasoned interior decorator. Christmas lights can provide lighting and serve as a hanging place for your photographs.