5 Best Monday.com Alternatives


Monday is a famous project management tool that offers great capabilities, including team management and project implementation. There are also some features that are missed in Monday management tools. 

Here in this article, we review 5 Best Monday.com Alternatives that offer more features as compared to Monday management tools.


Nifty is another good alternative to Monday.com. It is one of the best job management systems with comprehensive business analysis. It can help you break the project down into activities to achieve big goals. Three forms of view (Kanban view, comprehensive view, and list view) will be given to represent all operations without any steps missing. The “My Tasks” section of Nifty allows you to keep up to date with tasks and activities and keep up to date with the latest information.

You can even sort all tasks by the due date to see which tasks finish first. Additionally, you can filter tasks by the due date, milestone, etc. You can also develop routine task templates and use them for possible future tasks. The good news is, switching to Nifty is also easy. It lets you quickly move pre-existing activities from platforms such as Trello.

The automatic task assignment is another highlight of this tools; when you assign tasks to members from a list, they automatically access all tasks in that list. Time Planner allows you to monitor the number of hours and time taken to complete the tasks. You can add subtasks to set specific deadlines and perform tasks quickly.

  • Asana

Asana is the best alternative of monday.com; it is available on both the web and in-app format on Android and iOS. Its slogan on the web clarifies Asana’s main function: “Help your team do their best with Asana Premium. Go beyond the pending lists and get the functions you need to plan and manage projects from start to finish”.

This tool, which aims to facilitate the coordination and administration of the work of teams of all sizes, has 4 different versions:

  • Basic. For individuals or teams who are starting to manage projects. It is completely free. This plan includes common options such as task management, different views such as list, tab, or calendar, as well as delivery and manager dates.
  • Premium. For teams that need to create structured plans, it includes useful features such as advanced search, custom fields, or private projects and equipment are incorporated.
  • Business. For teams and companies that have to manage the work of different initiatives. In this package, you can add elements like advanced integrations, portfolios, or asset management.
  • Enterprise. For organizations that need additional security, control, and assistance.

3. Wrike

This is another one of the project management software that is perfectly defined on their websites. Wrike talks about “Tailor-made work management for your team. The online project management software that adapts to your workflow “. This is one of the keys to most of this type of tool: they are real-time work management software, AND they have high-level functions that allow different companies to work in a more coordinated way.

Wrike offers differentiated solutions according to the work of different teams: marketing, creative teams, project management teams or developers, and IT. In addition, it has four options regarding the price:

  • Free write. For 5 users, It’s more of a simple shared task list for small teams.
  • Professional. With options of 5, 10, 15 users. 
  • Business. For teams of 5 to 200 users. 
  • Enterprise. Complete solution with an advanced level of control and security for larger companies with greater needs.


One of the characteristics of Basecamp is that it offers a flat rate of $ 99 per month regardless of the number of users. A peculiarity of this project manager that many users appreciate positively. Basecamp asked its users what their job was like before starting to use the tool. And with the responses, he created a page called “Night and Day” as there were thousands of responses obtained that defined the platform change.

In exchange for the fixed monthly fee, Basecamp offers features such as:

  • Unlimited projects. You can create as many projects as you need to keep things organized.
  • Unlimited users. Invite anyone you want. There are no additional costs per user.
  • 500GB of storage to centralize everything.
  • Group projects to give each team its own space to collaborate.
  • Unlimited customers
  • Advanced client access. You can have total control over what customers can see.
  • Project templates to save time on similar projects.
  • A single space to provide out all the company’s activities.

But Basecamp also has a free version. It’s called “personal” and is ideal for personal projects, students, and freelancers. In this version, you can work with 3 projects, 20 users, and 1 GB of storage.


Smartsheet is a cloud-based tool that helps businesses of all sizes schedule, develop, handle, automate, and report on the progress of their businesses to move easier, promote creativity, and accomplish more. One of the big differences of this tool is that it has custom project management software based on several variables:

  • Company size
  • Industrial sector. With a variety of quite specific sectors.
  • User role
  • The department that uses it.

This tool offers multiple points of view in your work, various collaboration features, and the ability to work from a smartphone, without forgetting one of the aspects that have been working on in recent times: integrations with other platforms. 

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