5 Considerations When Shopping for Engagement Rings


Getting engaged for many people is their first significant life milestone event. The thrill of meeting someone you can see forever is a magical feeling, and choosing the perfect ring to symbolize that magic can be overwhelming. There is so much to consider from your general budget, your partner’s tastes, and many other factors. Let us take a look at the top considerations you need to make when shopping for the perfect engagement ring before popping “the question.”

Your Budget

The average amount of money spent on an engagement ring in the United States is $6000. For many of us, that is well above our preferred price point. They used to say you should spend one month’s salary on an engagement ring, but they are a-changin times. So, think realistically when it comes to your ring budget. You may even have a family heirloom ring that you could give as an engagement ring and would only need to pay the cost of necessary repairs, resizing, and cleaning. There are also other ways to make the ring of your partner’s dreams more affordable – we’ll look at those next.

Lab-Grown or Mined?

Many people have an ethical conflict with the way diamonds are mined. If you fall into this category, you can easily save thousands of dollars by choosing a lab-grown diamond instead of a naturally mined one. Lab-grown diamonds test the same as a mined diamond as they are, in fact, the “real deal,” so don’t feel like you’re slighting your partner on this front. They’re virtually indistinguishable to a jeweler’s eye. The only area they differ in is the price point. So, if you want to go bigger but it’s not in your budget, try shopping for lab-grown stones instead.

Your Partner’s Style

Of course, you want the ring you propose with to be one that you know your significant other will immediately fall in love with and want to post on their social media or send ring selfies to friends and loved ones. For that reason, if you are serious enough to the point of the proposal, you should have an idea of what your partner likes.

Do they prefer a vintage-style setting? Have they remarked on how they love round engagement rings? Maybe they prefer rose gold to white gold. Make sure you have the mental image in your mind of rings that they would love and would suit their everyday style – after all, this is a ring that is worn daily and never comes off.

Semi-Precious for Your Precious

A lot of prospective fiances may not even be looking for a diamond. These days stones like Moissanite and Morganite are in trend for engagement rings. Even non-traditional rings centered with pearls, birthstones, and even Moonstone are popular for brides to be. It’s worth taking a look at the semi-precious options before deciding on your forever ring.

Especially if your partner is non-traditional, they may appreciate a ring like this even more. Be aware of certain downsides, though – not all stones are as strong as a diamond, so if they have hobbies that may knock the ring around a bit, this may not be the route for you. Additionally, pearls require more TLC than other precious materials, so a pearl engagement ring must be removed for handwashing, bathing, swimming, and other activities.

Ask About Insurance

We insure the most significant purchases we make during our lives and an engagement ring is no exception. While it could be tempting to go to a pawn shop to score a good deal on an engagement ring, remember it comes with no insurance. This may be worth it to you if you’re saving a lot of money – but if you buy from a reputable jeweler, you will have the option to insure the ring for many potential instances. It’s a “must ask” when shopping.

After taking all of the considerations mentioned above, making the final purchase is a fantastic feeling, and the anticipation of asking your partner will feel great as you plan out the perfect proposal. Proposals, just like rings, should match your and your partner’s tastes and styles and will require just as much planning as ring shopping, but that’s a conversation for another day. Congratulations!

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