Nowadays, lip filling has become such a common procedure that even your local beautician might be able to do it perfectly. Thanks to technological developments, getting a pocket-friendly and high-quality lip filler has become a lot easier.

However, some questions are important to ask before you indulge, and some of them could be the difference between a confidence boost and a cosmetic flop.

Let’s break them down.

1.  Can I Get Lip Fillers Near Me?

If you’re wondering, ‘Should I go for lip filling, where can I get lip fillers near me, and is it safe?’, then you don’t need to worry.

While lip filling is very common and can be done in most spas and clinics, it is important to seek one that will be easy to reach should you need any assistance or even a follow-up appointment.

Also, because lip filling is a short procedure, a lip filling service near you will allow you to pop in during your lunch break, get it done and resume your duties in the office without a hitch.

2.   How Long Will My Fillers Last?

Did you know that fillers are not permanent, and need replenishing after a certain period? Most fillers are made from organic material, which the body can metabolize, and you will need a replenishing appointment 8 to 12 months down the line.

Although there are more permanent fillers such as silicone, organic fillers are the most popular and often the safest to use because all their properties exist in the human body.

3.  Which Type of Filler Should I Use?

While lip fillers are generalized in most cases, there are different types. The most common are:

  • Hyaluronic Acid fillers (HA),
  • Collagen lip fillers
  • Fat transfer
  • Silicone fillers.

HA, fat tissues, and collagen are all temporary fillers. Collagen is extracted from cow tissues and may trigger a reaction if you suffer from bovine allergy. Take your time to understand the components and choose what works best for you.

4.  Does Lip Filling Hurt?

It may come as a surprise that lip filling is often not as painful as it may look. Many times, doctors offer their patients anesthesia during lip filling to alleviate the discomfort of needles or the standard soreness that comes with any kind of procedure.

Generally, lip filling is an uneventful and routine procedure, and some lip fillings such as silicone lip filling do not need anesthesia at all. The process is swift and painless. However, because of the liposuction, a fat transfer proceduremay need some numbing, and you may experience some soreness after.

5.  How Long Does the Procedure Take?

The longest lip filling procedure can take a maximum of 45 minutes! This is mostly attributed to the fact that lip filling is not an invasive surgical procedure but a total of two injections while seated at the doctor’s office.

Lip filling is done by injecting the filling into the upper and lower lips. You then take about two days to recover from the discomfort. Some people even resume their daily activities once they leave the clinic. So do not worry about the recovery process; it is almost immediate.

The Bottom Line

Feeling confident is everyone’s right, and lip filling might be your ticket to getting there. However, always ensure that you have done thorough research on lip fillers and go for places with experience in lip filling.

Use a trustworthy beautician, and your lip filling will be an investment you will never regret.