Have you been meaning to raise that question to your partner? Have you been practicing those words in your head?’’ Will you marry me?’’. If so, a hidden-halo-diamond ring will do the trick for you. Hidden halo rings are designed specifically with the aim of achieving that wow impression when viewed for the first time. The halo allows the diamond to rest at the top, giving the ring its ultimate sparkle and luxurious feel. But why choose a diamond ring with a hidden halo design for your partner? This is why;

Why You Should Choose a Hidden Halo Diamond Ring

Hidden halo engagement rings have become popular and the most sought out designs over the years. It has become the new trend that everyone is excited about and looks forward to surprising their partner with.

Below is a list of reasons as to why the hidden halo diamond ring rules the market.

1.      Hidden Halo Design Works Well with Any Shaped Diamond

A hidden halo setting accommodates any shaped diamond allowing it to fit perfectly well. It gives room for the diamond to shine, no matter the shape. May it be oval, radiant, round, or pear. This setting has gained popularity because of this. This design is also interesting to work with because it provides a lot of space to add more diamonds to the band without having to mess with the center stone.

2.  Allows for Mixing of Different Metals in One Setting

A hidden halo setting allows you to work with different metals to achieve that stunning unique look. It is a bit difficult to achieve a smooth, enticing look while working with other setups. A hidden halo setup gives room to work with different metals to achieve an end product that is somewhat mesmerizing, not messy. 

3.  Hidden Halo Designs Have Similar pricing with the halo Designs

There is no major difference between the halo and the hidden halo design settings when it comes to pricing. As much as the hidden halo diamond ring does not need so much diamond as compared to the halo design diamond ring, the pricing of the two is placed on the same line. So you do not have to worry about it being more costly.

4.  The hidden halo design gives a large-center-stone impression

The halo design requires framing of the center store to achieve its sparkle. Things are different but exciting when it comes to hidden halo design rings. The hidden halo acts as a base for the center stone diamond to sit on in this setup. It also allows for the addition of extra diamonds in the sides, which comprehend the center stone. This design makes the center stone look 15% larger. This will save you a few dollars back into your wallet.


A hidden halo diamond engagement ring is a great pick for you. You get to achieve that big-center stone impression at a lower price. You do not have to get worked up about buying a ring with a huge center stone that gives you that sparkle you are looking for. In fact, with a hidden halo design, you get to achieve that look at a lower price because the design projects the center stone to look big. Get a hidden halo diamond engagement ring today!