What are the steps to decorate a bedroom, even a tiny one? We share the best small bedroom layout ideas to keep your favorite room airy and uniquely you.

So you have a tiny bedroom. Even if you’re disappointed, it’s not the end of the world. In all actuality, it gives you the perfect opportunity to be creative with your space!

If you’re worried you’re going to clutter your bedroom, don’t be. Sure, you have a lot of belongings and aren’t sure how everything is going to fit. Even so, there are always solutions to work with the space you have.

In this article, you’ll discover some innovative ways to decorate a tiny bedroom. And you’ll accomplish this without it turning into a jumbled mess!

1. Get a Daybed

How do you feel about the size of the bed in your room? Having a nice large bed is comfy, but it’s not always appropriate when you’re dealing with a lack of space.

Putting a big bed in the room will take over most of the space. And if you go with a king-size bed, you better forget about including any other furniture!

So if having a queen or king-size bed isn’t essential, here’s another idea: Get a twin daybed instead!

Now, daybeds come in any size you want. But since your goal is to create more space, we would recommend getting a twin-size daybed. The beauty of a daybed is that it doubles as a bed and a sofa.

It’s great having the option to kick back and watch a TV show in your bedroom. Or, you can sit back and relax against some pillows while reading a good book.

Even if a twin bed sounds way too small, give it a shot. Since you’re using it as a daybed, it’ll serve more than one purpose! Most likely, it’ll end up providing the perfect amount of room for you to sleep.

2. Use a Headboard With Storage

You may decide you’d rather have a queen size bed instead of a twin daybed. If that’s the case, think about adding a headboard with storage.

A bookshelf behind your bed is a smart way to store books and other decorative pieces. Or, you can opt to use it to store other belongings.

Get an oversized headboard that takes advantage of the vertical space in your room. That way, you can put some belongings behind your bed.

Try not to clutter up the space, though. Otherwise, your bedroom won’t look that appealing. Be selective with what goes behind your bed and match it up to the decor in there already.

3. Select Functional Furniture

If you have a tiny bedroom, do not buy a piece of furniture solely for its beauty. You may desire to have a simple writing desk without any storage because it looks more appealing. But it would be a mistake not to invest in a desk with drawers and storage under it.

The same goes for bedside tables and dressers. When selecting any furniture, look for functional pieces. Chances are, you’ll be able to find aesthetically pleasing furniture that has storage, too.

Sneaking in functional furniture pieces will result in extra storage space. You’ll be thankful you chose furniture where you can stash some of your belongings. It’s better than having it all over the floor!

4. Put Oversized Art on the Walls

Don’t worry about hanging a bunch of small photos on the wall. At first thought, it’s a fun way to capture many memories of loved ones. Plus, you don’t have to be as selective of what photos go on the wall.

But unfortunately, too many pictures don’t look appealing in a small room. It’s easy for them to look cluttered on the walls. Instead of putting them all over the wall, frame a few photos that you adore. Then, put them on a bedside table or on top of a dresser.

As for the walls, invest in larger artwork. Instead of a bunch of family photos, go for oversized art to make your room look larger than it is. It’s a fun interior design trick that gives the illusion of space. Since you’re already dealing with small living quarters, this is what you need!

5. Stock Up on Containers

If there are belongings that don’t have a home in your room yet, what you need are some containers. Plastic see-through containers are practical, durable, and it’s easy to see what’s inside!

Organize your belongings by category before putting anything in a container. That means as you sort, do your best to keep like-items together. Don’t toss anything and everything in there. If you do, it’ll be impossible to find what you need later.

As for the random belongings, put them in separate containers. You can go through that stuff later!

After your organization project is through, find a few handy spots to store the containers. A few ideas are in the closet and under the bed.

Don’t forget to go through your random belongings when time allows. Putting everything in containers may not seem ideal. But having them stored this way is better than having a bunch of random junk everywhere!

6. Fill Your Room With Light

When you’re in a small bedroom, it can start to feel claustrophobic. If this should happen, either you have too much going on or not enough light. (Or both could be happening.) A simple solution to this is to add more light!

Having enough light in your room will give it a certain amount of warmth. A warm and inviting bedroom is exactly what you need when it starts to feel smaller than it is.

To add light and warmth, get a few lamps and lightweight curtains. Your goal should be to figure out a way to allow sunlight to stream in. You may want to use blackout blinds but opt for lightweight and sheer fabrics instead.

You’ll be off to a good start in the morning when you get to lay in bed and enjoy natural sunlight. It’s just what the doctor ordered!

7. Fuzzy Rugs

Bring in some comfort to your small bedroom with soft, comfy rugs. You can go with a few small fluffy rugs or a big one depending on your preference.

If you’d like, get a rug in a fun design, such as an abstract rug. It’ll undoubtedly steal the show!

A rug will be soft on your feet on those crazy days. It’s the little comforts in your apartment that make a difference!


Even though you’re dealing with a small bedroom, there are plenty of things you can do to take advantage of the space. Not only that, but little decorative touches here and there will ensure you enjoy the room.

Coming up with an ideal space takes time, so don’t be hard on yourself if it doesn’t come together right away. Continue to try new decorative approaches and add new elements as needed. Although, don’t make the room look more cluttered if there’s already a lot going on!

It turns out that a tiny bedroom isn’t all that bad. You’re going to make it look incredible!

Author bio:

Caitlin Sinclair is the Property Manager at Azure (CA) and has five years of experience in property management and many years in Customer Service. She shares her passion for her community in all that she does and thrives at making Azure the place to call home for current and future residents.