Auggie Cartwright: Who Is The Actor Playing Him?


Apple TV+ has a new series coming this fall called Physical, which stars Kimiko Glenn as “Jamie,” a physical therapist in Manhattan. Who plays Auggie Cartwright in Apple TV+’s Physical?

Auggie Cartwright

Auggie Cartwright is an actor who is known for his roles in television and film. He has appeared in shows such as “The O.C.”, “Grey’s Anatomy”, “NCIS”, and “CSI: Miami”. Cartwright has also had roles in movies such as “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” and “Divergent”.

Who is the Actor Playing Auggie?

We all know and love the character of Auggie Cartwright on the hit TV show Parenthood, but have you ever wondered who is the actor playing him? Well, his name is Max Burkholder and he is a child actor who has been in the business since he was just six years old!

Max Burkholder was born on October 27, 2002 in Los Angeles, California. He began his acting career when he was cast in a commercial for Mattel’s Hot Wheels. His first television role was on an episode of Without a Trace in 2006. In 2007, he appeared in an episode of CSI: Miami. The following year, he had a small role in the movie Hancock starring Will Smith.

In 2010, Burkholder landed the role of Max Braverman, the son of Kristina Braverman and Adam Braverman, on NBC’s Parenthood. He has played this role for six seasons and the show has been a huge success. During his time on Parenthood, Burkholder has also guest-starred on other popular TV shows such as Parks and Recreation and Mad Men.

Max Burkholder is a very talented young actor who is sure to have a bright future ahead of him

What is Auggie’s Personality?

Auggie is a very lovable and friendly guy. He loves to make people laugh and is always up for a good time. He’s also fiercely loyal to those he cares about and has a heart of gold.


So there you have it — everything you need to know about Auggie Cartwright, the actor playing him in the upcoming film adaptation of “The Fault in Our Stars.” We hope you’re as excited as we are to see this movie and to see how Auggie brings this character to life on the big screen.

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