Shayan Sobhian Talks About His Acting Career And Performing Live


Shayan Sobhian is a graduate of the Berklee College of Music and Berklee-affiliated Acting Conservatory. He has performed in several orchestras, musicals, and plays – some of them on Broadway! In this interview, he talks about his musical background and how he got into acting.

How Shayan Sobhian Got Started

Shayan Sobhian is best known for his roles on the hit television shows “Bates Motel” and “The 100”. But Sobhian’s love of acting started long before he ever appeared onscreen.

Sobhian grew up in a small town in Ontario, Canada. When he was just a child, he would put on plays for his family and friends. He always knew that he wanted to be an actor, and he worked hard to make his dream a reality.

After high school, Sobhian moved to Vancouver to pursue his acting career. He started out working in theatre, and then made the transition to television and film. Sobhian has said that performing live is one of his favourite aspects of acting.

“There’s something really special about live performance that you can’t get from anything else,” he says. “It’s the immediate reaction from the audience that I love.”

Sobhian is currently starring in the new Syfy series “The Expanse”. He can also be seen in the upcoming film “We Are The Flesh”, which is set to premiere at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival.

What He Did Before Acting

Shayan Sobhian had never acted before in his life. In fact, he was working as a software engineer until just a few years ago. But when he decided to pursue acting, he did so with a passion. He quit his job, moved to Los Angeles, and started taking acting classes.

Sobhian says that his background in engineering has actually helped him in his acting career. “I think the analytical part of my brain is helpful in terms of understanding the technical aspects of acting and filmmaking,” he explains. “It’s also helpful in terms of being able to break down a script and understand what the characters are trying to achieve in each scene.”

But while Sobhian’s analytical brain may be helpful in some ways, it’s also the reason why he says he was “terrible” at acting when he first started out. “I would overthink everything and I wouldn’t be present in the moment,” he recalls. “It was only when I started to let go and trust my instincts that I started to improve as an actor.”

Sobhian is now a successful

The Challenges of Being an Actor

As an actor, Shayan Sobhian has to face many challenges. One of the biggest is performing live. “It’s always a challenge to make sure that you’re in the moment and that you’re present,” he says. “You have to be very in the moment and be very aware of what’s happening around you.”

Another challenge is memorizing lines. “You have to learn your lines and then you have to forget them,” he says. “You can’t be thinking about your lines when you’re performing.”

Then there’s the challenge of dealing with rejection. “Every time you go out for an audition, you’re putting yourself out there to be rejected,” he says. “You have to be able to handle rejection and not take it personally.”

Despite the challenges, Sobhian loves being an actor. “It’s so rewarding when you’re able to connect with an audience and really affect them with your performance,” he says. “That’s why I do it.”

His Performances

Shayan Sobhian is an actor who has appeared in a number of films and television shows. He is known for his work on the show “Banshee” and the film “The Revenant”. He has also appeared in a number of stage productions. In this blog, he talks about his career and how he approaches performing live.

Sobhian says that he loves performing live. He enjoys the energy of the audience and the immediate feedback that he gets from them. When he is performing, he feels like he is in the moment and completely present. He also enjoys the challenge of performing live, as it requires him to be completely focused and present in the moment.

Sobhian says that one of the things that makes him a good live performer is his ability to connect with the audience. He tries to create a connection with them by being genuine and authentic. He also makes sure to connect with them emotionally, as he feels that this is what makes a performance truly special.

Sobhian’s Future Goals and Ambitions

As an actor, Shayan Sobhian has already accomplished a great deal. He’s had roles in major films and television shows, and he’s performed live on stage. But Sobhian isn’t content to rest on his laurels. He has big plans for the future and he’s determined to make them a reality.

Sobhian wants to continue to challenge himself as an actor. He knows that he has the potential to do great things and he wants to continue to push himself to reach new heights. In the future, he would like to take on more dramatic roles and explore different genres of film and television. He’s also interested in writing and directing, and he hopes to one day make his own films.

Of course, Sobhian also wants to continue performing live. He loves the energy of a live audience and the challenge of performing in front of them. He plans to keep performing as long as people want to see him perform.

In the future, Shayan Sobhian plans to continue challenging himself as an actor, writer, and director. He wants to push himself creatively and explore new avenues of expression. Most importantly, though, he wants to keep doing what he loves: entertaining


Shayan Sobhian is one of the most talented and versatile actors working today. He has an incredible ability to connect with his audiences, whether he’s performing on stage or on screen. I had the pleasure of interviewing him recently, and he was kind enough to share his thoughts on his career, acting, and performing live. If you’re a fan of Shayan’s work, then I hope you enjoy this interview as much as I did.

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