BA in Journalism: Different types of careers from PR to Advertising


When we talk about freedom of speech and expression, democracyand similar terms, we often sum it up in one word – ‘Journalism’. Similar to the three pillars: legislative, judiciary and executive, ‘media’ is the fourth pillar of democracy. “Great power comes with great responsibility,” this seems to be right in the context of journalism. A journalist plays a vital role in shaping a country’s ideologies by putting facts and figures with courage. Choosing a career after completing intermediate is one of the most challenging tasks for students. But who doesn’t like to be on national television when you are getting a reasonable remuneration for facing camera or writing news? Almost everyone, right?Therefore, journalism as a career is becoming popular among students as it pays well and offers you both name and fame. Keep reading this blog to get more information about BA journalism.

The world has taken a new direction with the internet and media houses. Almost every news channel is expanding online. With the expansion of channels on digital platforms, the requirement of skilled professionals in the media houses has emerged on a large scale. So, it’s the perfect time to make a career in journalism. However, ‘journalism’ is an umbrella term and has broad career prospects. Through this blog, we will introduce you to different types of careers in journalism.

Types of careers in BA in Journalism

There are several magnificent types of careersin journalism. Let us talk about the major ones in this domain.

  1. Advertising: The art of selling products, spreading awareness through print, broadcast or digital media is known as advertising. It is one of the most preferred courses among the students of journalism. After completing the course, they are offered the roles of brand manager, copywriter, and others.
  2. Public Relations (PR):Students who opt for public relations course are taught to disseminate information to the public. They are mostly hired by the firms or companies as PR managers, Publicist, Public Information Officer or Investor relations.
  3. Journalism: The process of reporting, gathering, or collecting information is known as journalism. Students pursuing this degree learn to turn a piece of information into the news. Students after completing this course become reporters, editors, or newscasters. Arnab Goswami, RajdeepSardesai, BarkhaDutt, Ravish Kumar, Shekhar Gupta and NidhiRazdan are some prominent names in the field of journalism.
  4. Mass Communication: Unlike advertising, public relations and journalism, students in this discipline learn every aspect of journalism. Mass communication covers news writing, editing, advertising, reporting, new media, media marketing, and press laws, among others.

About BA in Journalism programme

BA in Journalism is a three-year duration programme focusing on the basics of electronic and digital productions. A student with a minimum of 50 percent in 10th and 12th(any stream) is eligible to pursue this course.

Pursuing this course from one of the leading colleges of Dehradun, Uttarakhand, offers you holistic development. So, apply for the course today!

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