Baby Fashion: Sweaters and Cardigans


Good baby fashion cuts across class, wealth, or ethnicity. And while you want your kid looking all dashing and beautiful, you need to ensure that they are also warm and comfortable.

Singapore, being on the equator, however, has relatively high and uniform temperatures all year round. So, when planning to buy a cardigan for your child, the selection criteria used by a parent in Greenland will not be the same as that of a parent in Singapore.

So, when you are shopping for cardigans for babies, style, design, and comfort take precedence.

Girls Cardigans

Whenever you are out shopping for your daughter, niece, or friend’s daughter, a cardigan is a staple piece of clothing. Not only do they offer warmth and comfort on chilly rainy days, but also for outdoor activities in windy conditions.

Baby girls wear soft and fluffy clothing, which is super cute too. And a cardigan is a piece of knitwear that should also be easy to wear and take off.

The best selection is a cardigan with zip fastening or buttons.

Cardigans for baby girls can also be printed or plain, hooded or not, V or round-necked, and so forth.

With a good selection of baby girls’ cardigans, you can style them with different clothes, from jeans to sweats and dresses.

Baby boy Cardigans

If you are looking for cozy yet stylish clothes for your son, cardigans are always a good selection. Whether it is a button-up, pull-on, or zipped knitwear, cardigans make for an easily wearable wardrobe selection for your baby boy.

The best choice you can make is to buy a cardigan that matches well with both long pants, shorts, and jeans. It should also be accessible and allow movement, which is essential for your kid’s comfort.

Baby Clothes in Singapore

Singapore is instead a warm-climate region, compared to other countries. However, this is not an indication to leave out warm wear for your kid when shopping.

ZARA Singapore is one of the clothing brands that take care of your baby’s warmth and comfort. Mothercare is also another famous brand that offers a wide selection of cardigans for baby girls and boys in various styles and colors.

Singaporean market is not short of baby cloth brands. Both physical and online shops offer a wide selection of cuddly warm cardigans with a whole variety of patterns, colors, and ornamental decorations to keep your baby cozy and stylish all year round.

Best Material for your baby’s Cardigan

Your baby should be comfortable and warm at all times. So, when shopping for their clothes, you need to select the type of material best suited to different weathers you experience all year round.

For instance, breathable cotton cardigans are always a favorite for both cold and warm weather. A snuggly fleece is cozy, but a lightweight cotton material would be more comfortable on a warm and sunny day.

When shopping for more incredible and rainy days, chunky hooded knitwear for your baby may be the best selection to make.

Before settling on material, make sure that it is comfortable on your baby’s skin. You do not want to take home a stylish cardigan that irritates and scratches your child’s skin every time she moves.

Also, the quality of the material is of priority. Vibrant colors and decorative patterns fall behind the quality of material you buy. Make sure your baby only wears soft cotton or top-quality that does not scratch or irritate their skin.

Final Thoughts

Cardigans for baby boys and girls come in various materials, colors, patterns, and decorative ornaments. They come in hooded, non-hooded, buttoned, zipped, and round-necked, among other options.

Whether it is a gift or a piece of knitwear for your baby, always go for the most comfortable option you can get.

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