Best ways to protect and customize your e-cigarette


An E-cigarette is a more and more popular way to smoke. You can see different people trying it, and it seems like vaping is becoming common. But you are not interested in being common, aren’t you? You want to stick out of the crowd, and not be yet another e-cig user. These days you can customize almost everything, and the e-cigarette is no different. Let’s talk about the best ways to protect and customize your e-cig.

The look that makes heads turn

Well, for starters, let’s talk about the massive variation in designs of electronic cigarettes. You can choose your shape, colour, and make it as unique as you are. The skins, so the part of your e-cig that you can easily change, come in many colours, textures and patterns. And they are also usually pretty chep. You can change the look of your vaping devices as often as you wish.

Another thing you can customize is the tip of your e-cig. You can choose for it to be wooden, plastic or metal. There are also many colours you can pick for your tip. And if you are a beginner, look out for reviews, like the one on ecigclick , of devices that should suit newcomers who want to remain original.

Have essential cleaning tools always with you

The best way to protect your e-cigarette from damaging is cleaning. It doesn’t get any easier than that. You need to remember that any device needs some basic maintenance, and so does your e-cig. And by regularly cleaning, you will also protect yourself.No one wants to smoke dirt, right? Make sure to have some cleaning tools always at hand. All kinds of stuff can get into your e-cig, like sand or dust. When you have cleaning tools with you, you can just wipe it off and get back to safe vaping. Carry a small cleaning rag and don’t worry about dirt.

A battery that will shine from miles away

Listen, you know all people are attracted to lights. Fireworks, neon lights, you name it. Battery, an essential component of your e-cig, can be a fun light too. You probably have a LED finish to your battery. What you can do is to make your LED light blink in colour you would like. Coloured batteries are available by most producers. You can also choose patterns for your battery to make it even more customized.

Protect your batteries

You probably heard that electronic cigarettes could blow up if you neglect your battery. Although this rarely happens, you don’t want to injure yourself or anybody else. And here is what you should do. If you decide on buying yourself a new device, make sure that it has some safety features, such as vent holes and protection from overcharging. When you already have your e-cig check on your battery frequently. If you notice it is hot, do not use your vaping device. Wait for the battery to cool down. And in extreme situations, when it is boiling, put it in a moisture-free bag in a cooler. Don’t choose any old batteries. It is better to be safe than sorry. Also, never mix batteries from different brands, stick to the ones recommended for your devices.

Personal nicotine level and taste

Finally, let’s talk about thousands of liquid options out there. Liquids come in a variety of flavours and nicotine levels. You can customize the nicotine level within your liquid by buying different types of liquids for your electronic cigarette. You can then mix them up and create a unique e-liquid that only you have a recipe for. To do so, it is recommended to purchase also a brand new cartridge for your liquids. And the same thing occurs for the flavours available on the market. Forget about simple coconut and banana, create your own tropical mix or a taste that nobody ever thought of. Get creative and experiment with all kinds of liquids.

Making your e-cig unique is not that hard of a process. A few simple changes and you will stand out from the crowd like no other. Keeping e-cigarettes safe is also crucial for every user out there. You want to make your vaping experience the most pleasurable it can be. Follow these few steps we talked about and make sure your electronic cigarette is both safe and personalized. Once you customize your device, you will never go back to the traditional designs and liquids.

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