Coffee is the second popular drink in the world after tea. However, people don’t drink the same beverage all around the world. There are tons of different recipes for brewing coffee. For instance, in Asia, people like drinking cold coffee with milk. Vise versa, in Marroko, locals adore black coffee with black pepper. In this post, you will review the most popular coffee drinks that millions of people consume every day.


It is a small portion of coffee that is aimed to provide some energy to people. Even though it is served in tiny cups, it’s very hard to prepare a shot of espresso by yourself. To do so, you need to apply boiled water under high pressure to grinded coffee beans. 

If you’re not a skilled barista but want to drink espresso, you can purchase a coffee maker. Even a budget machine will prepare stunning espresso with no hassle. In case you don’t have one yet, examine the selection of the best coffee makers under 200 in 2021 and purchase an affordable machine. 


It’s hard to find a person who doesn’t know this beverage. Even those who don’t drink coffee tried it at least once in their lives. There is nothing complicated in preparing this drink. All that you need to do is pour some hot water into a mug with espresso. Also, you can add some sugar. 

The legend says that American soldiers invented this drink during WW2. They poured extra water into their espresso shots to make their drinks last longer. After the war, this coffee drink became very popular. 


It is a very popular drink that can be easily prepared. For starters, you need to pour a shot of espresso into a mug. Then, you have to pour steamed milk and finish it by adding a layer of frothed milk. In some cases, it can be topped with chocolate powder. It is a perfect drink for breakfast. 


This drink consists of an espresso shot and milk foam. There is no steamed milk at all. Also, the portion of Macchiato is smaller and can be served into espresso cups. 


If you’re a sweet tooth, you will enjoy this type of coffee drink. To prepare a mug of mochaccino, a barista has to pour a shot of espresso into a cup and add a layer of chocolate syrup. Steamed milk is the top layer of mochaccino. Most people say that this drink is something between hot chocolate and latte. 


This one is an extremely popular coffee drink all around the world. Steamed milk is the main ingredient in this drink. However, a small shot of coffee is also presented. It has a sweet and light taste that perfectly combines with sweets.

Flat White

It is a simplified version of the cappuccino that was invented in New Zealand. It is a mix of steamed milk and a shot of espresso. This drink helps people get charged with energy and stay awake. There is no foam and chocolate powder on the top. 

Long Black

While americano is an extended version of espresso, this one is the improved americano. There is nothing complicated to prepare a mug of long black. You need to pour hot water into a cup and add two shots of espresso. It can be strong so that it’s allowed to add some cream on the top. 

If you don’t have a coffee maker to get a double-shot of espresso prepared fast, don’t be shy about brewing coffee using a moka pot, where the steam comes through the grounds. Don’t forget to pick only one of the best coffee brands for moka pot to prepare a top-notch drink.

Irish Coffee

This coffee drink is the favorite one of people who find americanos and cappuccinos boring. It consists of one spoon of brown sugar, whipped cream, coffee, and whiskey. Due to the alcohol, it might be unavailable in some coffee houses. However, there are a lot of Irish coffee syrups without alcohol.


It is a coffee drink brewed using the same amount of grounds for espresso and half the amount of water. Consequently, it’s a very small shot that can be consumed in one sip. However, you should remember that ristretto is very strong. 


It can hardly be called a drink. However, it’s still very popular all around the world. In short, it is a shot of espresso that is poured on ice-cream. If you melt your ice-cream, you can get something similar to an iced latte. 

Bottom Line

There is one type of coffee drink that wasn’t mentioned in the list above. It’s instant coffee powder. It’s a great option to make a mug of coffee prepared in a few seconds. However, if you’re a real coffee lover, avoid consuming instant coffee. Only fresh brewed beans can deliver the outstanding taste and aroma in any coffee drink.