Effective Ways To Ease Social Anxiety


Being in crowds makes you cringe. You feel two feet tall in a room with all eyes on you as your imperfections expose themselves for everyone to see. Your heartbeat races, your palms get sweaty, you stumble your words, and all you can think about is retreating to your house for safety. If this scenario sounds familiar, you could be dealing with social anxiety. It’s an emotionally challenging mental illness that can dramatically affect your life.

Consequences Of Social Anxiety

Interacting with others causes panic, which translates into your relationships, career, and lifestyle. When left untreated, social anxiety can lead to isolation, depression, a decline in personal care, poor work performance, and harmful coping mechanisms. Consulting a therapist should be your first priority if you’ve experienced any of these symptoms. They can provide you with the guidance and treatment you need to overcome your anxiety.

Easing Your Angst

As you seek therapy for your social anxiety, you can make various lifestyle changes to help reduce your fears.

Fall In Love With You

It’s not uncommon for people with social anxiety to also suffer from low self-esteem. They often need the approval and affirmation of others to feel validated. Therefore, they obsess over trying to “fit in” and be perfect to give off a good impression. Here’s the thing. You can expect anyone else to see how amazing you are if you don’t see it yourself. So, the first step to easing your social anxiety is to fall in love with you.

Prioritize self-care. Write down things you like, explore new interests, learn new skills, date yourself, travel, and dig deep to discover your authentic self. As you enjoy your own company, you’ll find it easier to be positive company for others. Even if they aren’t the warmest people, your newfound self-confidence will give you the drive to not care.

Spruce Up Your Appearance

While you should never change your appearance to “fit in” or accommodate the opinion of others, sometimes investing in your looks can boost your confidence and ease your social anxiety. For example, if you’re self-conscious about your weight, you could eat the proper nutrition and exercise regularly to lose weight and sculpt a body you can be proud of.

Perhaps you’re apprehensive about your acne-prone skin. If breakouts cause anxiety, you should consider adding a clarifying face mask for acne to your regimen. It’s a cool liquid gel packed with vitamins and nutrients that help reduce acne-causing bacteria and detoxify the skin. Apply the mask to your face and allow it to penetrate the skin for a few minutes. Then rinse the mask off and moisturize.

Finally, if your wardrobe is dated or doesn’t fit your personality, buy some unique and trendy clothes, shoes, and accessories that make you feel fantastic. If you’re unsure of your personal style, experiment with different fashion options until you find things that work.

Exposure Therapy

You’ve done the inward work and learned to love yourself (flaws and all). You’ve discovered your authentic self and appreciate who you are and what you offer. You’ve also made changes to improve your outward appearance and boost your confidence. Now you’re ready to start exposing yourself to social environments.

Don’t overwhelm yourself by starting with a crowded bar or party. You can begin with something as simple as saying hello to people you pass throughout your day. As you become more comfortable, greeting people could turn into conversations. Once satisfied saying hello to others, you can try going out to a low-key lounge or social gathering to get your feet wet. Traveling with a friend or family member can help take off the edge. When you arrive at the event, speak to others and develop conversations using your past experiences to guide you. From the outside perspective, social anxiety is nothing more than an introverted or shy person. However, when interacting with others causes physical and emotional harm, it’s an overwhelming condition that can alter your way of life. Luckily, social anxiety doesn’t have to stop you from living. If you take the time to work on yourself and slowly introduce yourself to the world, it won’t be long before you’re the life of the party

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