Pursuing for Executive MBA (EMBA) provides a chance to earn Master’s degree while the program itself is especially devised for industrial professionals

The entire curriculum is flexible, allowing students to synchronize their employment, study and recreational activities

Employee management, social and analytical skills are improved in two years which is typical duration of EMBA

EMBA provide its students with many advantages besides time management between work, study and leisure

Getting a Raise

Professionals who execute the degree program successfully enjoy sudden salary increment

In 2007, a statistical comparison between EMBA and non-degree holder revealed mean salaries of both; $130,056 and $107,097 correspondingly

Employers pursuing for the degree program or already possess one are more dedicated to their work, enjoy perks and annual bonuses along with being more resilient

How Professional Network is improved

Better employment opportunities and a shining career awaits EMBA students as degree program distinguish them from the rest; a citation from Columbia University

The end reward after completing the degree program is enough to stimulate a student to perform better while participating in group and learning activities

As EMBA is a program devised for industry professionals, candidates will gradually built a strong social and professional network based on fellow workers and graduates

Highly experienced professors are found teaching Executive MBA preparing candidates to face challenges encountered in professional life

Can Company-Based Sponsorships be Helpful?

Company workers pursuing for the degree program have many choices when it comes to pay tuition fee like sponsorship or recommendation letter while regulating work programme

Employees and employers possessing a clear history, outstanding performance and self-motivational skills to be more creative are the ones to receive sponsorship

Affect on Career

A successful EMBA candidate is fully prepared to face organizational and social challenges residing globally while learning different cultures

All the challenges faced in work and personal life develops entrepreneurial skill within a student

What’re a few Requisites of EMBA?

Eligibility criteria may vary from one state to another while specialization subjects also matters such as Marketing, Human Resource, International Relation or any other

Around five to ten years’ experience in respective field of specialization is crucial for all EMBA candidates

Advantages of GMAT

Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is a key to get you into graduate programs such as EMBA

Traditional program of masters in Saudi Arabia ask for 700+ GMAT score but less for EMBA so the flexibility ratio is quite clear

Reliable Proposals

Other requisite are letter of recommendation and you need two of them. One will be from a supervisor, CEO or current manager whereas another from ex-employer, a valuable client or fellow subordinate

Degree Requisite

A willing candidate need four year degree from a college or university in any disciple such as IT, Business or Arts

Also, you need to submit copy of degree, mark sheet and application form alongside grade point average above 3.0

CPA certificate or other relevant qualification may work as an alternate to four year degree but you should confirm from university authorities

How Executive & Typical MBA Differs from each Other

Most universities in Saudi Arabia for international students usually consider executive and traditional MBA to be the same but there does exist a slight difference

After completing 16 years of formal education, traditional masters program is just for one or 1.5 year whereas EMBA takes two to three years for degree completion


That’s all for EMBA essentials till now. Read the above article and pursue accordingly